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The weird part is why are they making HAM radios illegal, when they have no negative effects???

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Just so you know

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This is Ammar Campa-Najjar. And he is running for Congress (California 50th district). But he does have some fame in his family. His grandfather, Muhammad Yusuf al-Najjar also known as Abu Youssef, was one of the leaders of a group called Black September, the same group that pulled. In 2015 he posted on Instagram how heroic his grandfather was.

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Hong Kong protestors get loaded on a train to mainland China. Remind you of anything.👌

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Can anyone tell me that this isn't a little weird.

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@Tian Fan this channel was set up for @Deleted User to post. Please dont post in here unless he asks you to share something in here :)

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Thanks for understanding.

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Feel free to post anything if it relates to my content. I don't mind that.

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-If anyone knows about setting up bots, DM me.-

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I'm going to post some stuff.

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Call it historic, but I still feel it's useful and interesting.

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One of the Rothchild has Corana virus
Please share

2020-04-06 03:38:11 UTC  

Let troll this child fucker.

2020-04-06 03:56:11 UTC  

Should I be shocked anymore, that Facebook lets those accounts continue to exist?

2020-04-06 03:56:37 UTC  

What more proof is needed, to prove that fb is evil?