Message from red in welp. u already Kno... #vaxxed

2020-11-23 18:30:58 UTC  

Don't Take the Vaccine

2020-11-23 19:12:09 UTC  
2020-11-23 19:12:52 UTC  

I read that a week or so ago. Disgusting, and worthy of lead injections in 7.62 size.

2020-11-23 19:34:15 UTC  

boycott all companies who push for mandatory vaccinations

2020-11-24 00:07:13 UTC  

this is a warning for trump: do not force vaccines on americans (including those who voted for you) or you will lose Re-election

2020-11-24 04:32:45 UTC  

Again Don't Take the Vaccine and trump must not force vaccines on americans (including those who voted for him) or he will lose Re-election because Mandatory Vaccines are unconstitutional

2020-11-24 05:47:42 UTC  

trump made a huge mistake for buying into this covid vaccine nonsense and he must realized that before it is too late

2020-11-24 17:48:12 UTC  

Boycott All Companies who pushes for a vaccine pass

2020-11-28 18:51:43 UTC  

Jon Rappoport does quality journalism

2020-11-28 18:52:24 UTC when history repeats itself

2020-11-30 04:44:19 UTC  

what if the covid vaccine cause the coronavirus to mutate into a zombie virus?

2020-11-30 04:53:04 UTC  

There is no virus

2020-11-30 18:51:45 UTC  

if There is no virus why in the hell we need this damn vaccine for?