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@sasha1111 alive, thanks!

I like Russians


Because of how much vodka they can keep down or?


^I wish there was a cigar emoji


No a-team gifs either

Recent I guess not the 80s

I don't remember seeing it, was it ever on netflix?


Slightly disturbing

But cool

@Doctor Sith Biden won't be in office.

They've been moving fairly quickly in the courts

Everyone is freaking out in general because they're listening to the same msm that they've known was full of sh*t all along. It's surprising to me that people don't recognize that this all had to be allowed to happen to correct course in our election process. This is the only way to address any of it. If it weren't out on display for all to see there would be zero hope for conservatives in the upcoming years.

People are exceptionally shortsighted, especially when they think they're "winning". This is the appeal and problem with socialism. Hook people with the allure of equality and they'll run away with themselves before they can count the cost. Lefties are all about taking the win however they can come by it. In this case, at the expense of an American hallmark, the free and fair election.

But genuinely I have difficulty thinking of them as Americans. They use all the freedoms of the constitution to subvert the constitution. It's treasonous.

Not that I want to promote fox

But fox business is getting a pass right now

Subdued, you?

I meant it in the non-conquered sense of the word. I'm with you.

I had an interesting exchange yesterday. It seems the presumptive victory speeches really emboldened people. An old dem friend on Facebook who never comments on my posts reached out on one of my videos to tell me not to drink the kool aid

I expect this will be a trend

Ha, "they were msnbc" was totally understandable to me

No they definitely don't realize it's a sham. They take a cursory look at things and that's good enough. All that glitters is gold to them. I'm a former brand loyalist, I know. If you think about it it makes sense. Leftism speaks to emotionality. When you're given over to that and easily aroused you don't look into things deeply, for self preservation or because your reactions prevent you from pursuing truth. It's a strange kind of prison, equal parts self imposed and reinforced by propaganda.

Random question: Anyone have a good source of organic beef belly in the US?

I'm wondering if you're all seeing the change in tone with a lot of figures in support of the litigation suggesting that it won't bring the President over the top but that increasing election integrity is the point.


Nah bc you have to catch em with their hand in the cookie jar

There's too much corruption throughout the election process, can't expose it if you don't have the evidence front and center.

It's all good, we'll see how it plays out. ☺️

@Karnivore I hear you, however I did go through the content and it looks like in this instance they provided substantially more context than I've seen supporting the seizure. What do you think of the tweets et al?

I was particularly interested in considering the info from the angle that the government officials who came in weren't connected to Trump but cleaning up for the Dems.

Not saying it happened, just tossing the idea around

It would make sense for everyone on their end to deny it ever taking place

So, to be clear, what you guys are saying is lead stories is no good or? 😉
but seriously I just hadn't seen any of those tweets. Also I want to know what's being said on the other side, it does me no good to get shut up in the echo chamber and suddenly get blindsided by missing information.


Perpetual anticipation takes it out of you

Incidentally, at the moment I replied above the lyrics of the song I'm listening to were "how long will you make me wait, I don't know how much more I can take. 👀


That would be funny if I hadn't just watched that psychologist assess evidence of pedophilia at this event


But you're right, creepy is reserved for Joe


You forgot evil

It probably is fake, feel free to enjoy it

All of America just means that it will be available in every state and locality

He says it "all of America must receive vaccine" then explains

No place will be without it

Also I'm not an apologist for the lunacy of the left, I just think the context may have clarified his statement

I think that's the same military dude from last night

@sasha1111 is there somewhere else to view those? I want to listen at double speed but the option doesn't actually work in the video

I am almost certain I found the same videos on some other platform

Yep it doesn't work

Every time I increase to 2x it does nothing

And I'm certain I watched it elsewhere, I wish I could remember where


I'm on android


I'm a dipstick

It's on bitchute

I don't know why I looked right past it when I searched before I asked here. I think because I have a fuzzy idea of what the date could possibly be today 😆

Yea bitchute bc I need the speed

No I've checked

It's whatever the source is for the video

I have no problem with any other websites

If there's an option for speed increase

I don't use a computer

@sasha1111 so the stat he mentioned regarding infertility related to the vaccine, is this in reference to the glaxo smith klein trials in May? It seems like it might be

If so I'm wondering what the update to this is. What evidence is there of the same across all manufacturers?

I hesitate to be led by a single statistic for a single source because there's no way to support it across the spectrum of options if I'm arguing the case against vaccines

@red that's not even a consideration, to be sure


Super frustrated with these leos

Just watched this beautifully filmed doc, unabashedly pro-meat. Free to stream online until Nov 30th. Share it with vegans far and wide.

@red just shared this in general, thanks for putting it in the appropriate place

Ugh, what did I wake up to here 🤢

@Stipler Monke i dunno, I'm not disheartened

🤔also not the younger generation

And I kind of relish the thought of some of the global systems collapsing 😆

But welcome!

@holmestyles whoever does can't stay though bc it would be a gathering



Biden should take it first

@BoundlessSet @sasha1111 Money in itself is not evil, the worship of it is.

The people who demand to control it worship it, the people who are unwilling to work and yet still seeking after it, worship it. But money as a natural progression from the work of your hands is reward, which is characteristic of God's ways.

Not sure if satire or...

Also this is not beyond the pale

That's the first I've ever heard of it

I checked it out

What's your interest in tracking planes?


Sorry what lobby?

I see

It's interesting I'm just not an "out there" kind of person

The internal world is more captivating to me

Plus everyone knows the earth is flat.

I was just joking

Do people believe it because they're told it or do they believe it based on the evidence they're given?

In my education I learned about the earth in context to the universe and the cell, all kinds of things I couldn't independently verify, but the reasoning was sound

Circumstantial evidence is still evidence

It's all we have, not being omniscient

Data is a collection of anecdotes

Is math not involved in our understanding of the earth?

Is that not available to someone who wants to explore the basic reasoning further?

I just don't agree with the supposition that people believe because they're told. In santa, yes, in sciences, not as much. There are exceptions like vaccines and viruses, but our understanding of the earth has a long history of evidence being honed and the bulk of it is readily available

I'm consistent in my belief that human beings have been given the ability to cope with environmental stressors.

And be bound by to a vessel? No thanks

I believe the benefits of the nation state have been evidenced throughout history

Human corruption is the same everywhere you go


Let me know how it works out

@BoundlessSet it's asinine to believe low IQs (only one realtive measure of certain intelligences) created nations in economic distress. You should watch the documentary Unsustainable to explore how nations have been economically oppressed by world forums for the purpose of consolidating power

Additionally communism has been quite successful, for it's purpose which is totalitarianism

you sound like a dip shit.

Yeah definitely

Stupid people are ignorant, not free from other avenues of thought

You're equating a relative measure of certain intelligences like iq with actual intelligence

Which takes many forms

Geniuses can be ineffective and ignorant

In which case intelligence as measured by iq is useless

That's absurd. The level of depth to a person's thoughts is unquantifiable. Language for example, allows for communication of internal dialogue but people who have a limited grasp of language don't consider or conceptualize less. They have less access to avenues of communication. That's all

It tends to be that those people convey through other means

I hear you, my point stands. And I'm a female.

It didn't offend me

It seemed like you were confused

I was clarifying

It was. She's dead now. But not in that photo.

No worries it's life

She was sweet. I highly recommend guinea pigs

But get more than one

They need the company

I love their noises


That's very sad that people think along those lines

I can only imagine they didn't really bond with them

Sounds awesome

Ah yea

That's really cool, you love to hear about pets getting a good home in the end

People impulse adopt/buy. I think a lot of people are deeply dissatisfied with their lives and sometimes pets are like drugs, sometimes people are looking for connection, sometimes there's an innate understanding that having pets can reduce anxiety. People are complex.

And I agree with you

I know what you mean. But it's interesting, people take out all the same issues that you see in animals, on other people or animals. Everyone is broken.

It'll all get resolved in time.

I might go to a store and pet a guinea pig now


Oh I'm not gonna get one. I really meant pet one

You can pet them at the big box pet stores

I know, the purring


She's adorable

What's your less needy pet?

Is there no nsfw channel


I didn't need to see that


Morning 🌄

Not to be a Debbie Downer but their complete disregard for all of the evidence of corruption in that family is a bit disheartening.

It's the double standard more than anything

That was through Blaze media wasn't it?

I didn't see it

Sweet thanks!

He really just needs to be in prison

You can see the kids resisting

Where is the left talking about respecting children and giving them a voice

Oh that's right, they're promoting drag time story hour at the local library

It's not that difficult, don't you think most people just know he's off?

I look at some of the ladies faces in that video when it's happening

I think they know what's up

I think it's worse than even that, like @sasha1111 said they want the power

I think it's all gonna come together


AZ may still be in play

It'll all work out

I don't mean there won't be a cataclysm, just that Trump isn't going anywhere

There is inevitably going to be backlash, that's what feeding these fantasies of the left is all about. They have to be so dejected after all the hype, it's the cleanest way to complete division.

Yea especially the more shuffling little steps Biden takes to the throne

It's so orchestrated

Stealing that

I heard it in his voice 😆

I'm theorizing here but I could see Biden feigning a total breakdown into dementia when everything hits the fan. And people would believe it, we've all seen it, right and left alike. Lefties would welcome the pass the way they welcomed the steal.

Which I can't understand. It's like a golden calf, they can't stop worshipping long enough to check and see that it's actually made out of 💩


I just think we're in the middle of it

It's cumulative

Agenda 2030

I didn't think you were, I just felt like a hug


Have you seen the phone sanitizers

Yes it's like a box of UV lights

It is interesting. Also opportunistic

Like rahm emanuel said

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before."


About sums it up

As an agenda. I know a lot of individual homosexuals don't support the transgender pedophile movements

Even though pardons are actually meant for the guilty

Likely Roger Stone

I don't know about Assange

Or Snowden

Was he? Maybe I'm thinking about commuting his sentence?

No i think stone got clemency

It's not a full pardon

He still has a criminal record, pardon will eliminate that

I think he could still be prosecuted for like seven crimes

Yea I think Trump might handle it. There's so much controversy surrounding Assange and Snowden, if he did it I would think he'd wait until the end of his 2nd term

Yea I really think Flynn and his team are gunning for them, I'm sure it will result in something. That's what needs to happen, people have to take things into their own hands instead of expecting the government to do it for them. People need to stand up.

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