Message from Doroshenko in welp. u already Kno... #⚠❗🚫-5-g-🚫❗⚠

2020-04-13 07:41:50 UTC  


2020-04-13 07:41:53 UTC  

Ohh okay cool

2020-04-13 07:42:01 UTC  

Will chat again soon & thanks 😁

2020-04-13 07:42:06 UTC  

alright, hope you get some rest

2020-04-13 07:42:08 UTC  

catch you later

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2020-04-13 07:42:21 UTC  

Thank you! 👋👋👋

2020-04-13 07:42:24 UTC  

Also, good to have you here

2020-04-13 07:42:41 UTC  

Ahhh thanks! 😀

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2020-04-13 14:17:19 UTC  

@Deleted User can't believe what the NHS have been told on that voice clip 😳

2020-04-13 20:57:56 UTC  

If you actually believe that 5-g towers spread corona virus your crazy

2020-04-13 21:03:27 UTC  

It doesn't, but it does mess with our heads, or it's supposed to

2020-04-13 21:03:50 UTC  


2020-04-13 21:04:02 UTC  

The Guardian did an article on it in the 90's about the CIA testing new towers to put out specific microwave frequencies to "Calm the public"

2020-04-13 21:04:25 UTC  

Alex Jones may have mentioned it on Joe Rogan's podcast if I recall

2020-04-13 21:05:02 UTC  

I don't remember if he did but The Guardian, an English news publication, put out an article in the 90s on it

2020-04-13 21:05:59 UTC  

Is there physical proof that they legit do this. And not from the 90s I'm talking recent study's done to prove this theory

2020-04-13 21:06:47 UTC  

I'm not entirely sure, but it might explain why people are reacting less and less emotionally to tragedies, for example school shootings and natural disasters

2020-04-13 21:07:37 UTC  

What do you mean? What people are reacting less emotionally?

2020-04-13 21:09:08 UTC  

The sobbing people standing in front of schools are not reacting emotionally? Or the people who gasp and call for justice when they here a school got shot up?

2020-04-13 21:10:14 UTC  

How are people not reacting to shit like that? Like for real what people are you hanging around that don't react when they hear a school got shot up?

2020-04-13 21:12:07 UTC  

Where'd you go? You didn't think somebody would confront you and ask for evince or you don't have any?

2020-04-13 21:12:13 UTC  

Probably both

2020-04-13 21:14:29 UTC  


2020-04-13 21:14:54 UTC  

I'll say it again, this 5-g paranoia is bullshit

2020-04-13 22:05:53 UTC  

So you think it's an actual virus?

2020-04-13 22:06:11 UTC  

Why are the 5g installation guys classed as key workers then

2020-04-13 22:06:27 UTC  

They are installing it world wide as we speak

2020-04-13 22:06:44 UTC  

What's so key about 5g going up in the middle of a so called pandemic

2020-04-13 22:06:53 UTC  


2020-04-13 22:07:14 UTC  

@Raisin 🐺 what's your theory

2020-04-13 22:08:13 UTC  

Will you take the vaccine?

2020-04-13 22:08:22 UTC  


2020-04-13 22:08:39 UTC  

Do you not think this is FISHY as FUCK

2020-04-13 22:08:42 UTC  


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@TEAEYEEWE never what