Message from Dracarys in welp. u already Kno... #⛪religion✝

2019-10-15 01:51:04 UTC  

@Deleted User youre mistaken. theres no instance of me ever saying that

2019-10-15 01:52:48 UTC  

i like religion. i dont know if its historical. thats my take

2019-10-15 01:53:13 UTC  

i like christianity and judaism

2019-10-15 01:54:44 UTC  

@bible whore 1 He *"isn't religious,"* he only searches for truth in a domain of lies...✔ *"I like religion."* I don't, neither does God.

2019-10-15 01:55:11 UTC  

Don’t assume his religious standing

2019-10-15 01:55:59 UTC  

@bible whore 1 *"If Im not mistaken."*
^ You're the only one assuming genius. You're not clever dear woman

2019-10-15 01:56:19 UTC  

you did assume it..

2019-10-15 01:56:25 UTC  

you fucking low iq dummy

2019-10-15 01:56:31 UTC  

you dont even understand what assuming is

2019-10-15 01:56:40 UTC  

"if im not mistaken, *assumes*"

2019-10-15 01:56:46 UTC  

@Dracarys Asking vs assuming? Might I suggest a dictionary?

2019-10-15 01:56:50 UTC  

i dont mind you assumed but you basically decided for me

2019-10-15 01:57:00 UTC  

And yet I didn't. Hmmmmmm.

2019-10-15 01:57:01 UTC  

you boxed me in without ever asking me

2019-10-15 01:57:03 UTC  

Tbh I wouldn't trust much of what he says.

2019-10-15 01:57:04 UTC  

thats the easiest

2019-10-15 01:57:09 UTC  

I didn’t assume, you said it

2019-10-15 01:57:27 UTC  

you assumed and added a question mark in case youre wrong in your assumoption

2019-10-15 01:57:40 UTC  

low tier argument from low iq azriel

2019-10-15 01:57:53 UTC  

bet youre note ven married

2019-10-15 01:58:11 UTC  

what kind of "model psychologist" would marry you, i have a hard time imaginging

2019-10-15 01:58:50 UTC  

@Dracarys @bible whore 1
The truth will set u free

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2019-10-15 01:59:09 UTC  

@Dracarys I have heard him talking to his wife and she responds. Idiot.

2019-10-15 01:59:43 UTC  

@Deleted User youre not someone i trust enough to believe even that

2019-10-15 01:59:48 UTC  


2019-10-15 01:59:49 UTC  


2019-10-15 01:59:54 UTC  

@Dracarys Likewise

2019-10-15 01:59:55 UTC  

probably his sister

2019-10-15 02:00:04 UTC  
2019-10-15 02:00:16 UTC  

I noticed u *didn't* answer my other question, *"does he not deny Christ is God?"* Well, is that true?

2019-10-15 02:00:19 UTC  


2019-10-15 02:00:35 UTC  

i just said idk whether religion is historical

2019-10-15 02:00:37 UTC  

so fuck if i know

2019-10-15 02:00:46 UTC  

good book tho

2019-10-15 02:01:02 UTC  

teaches you good lessons on how to act in the world

2019-10-15 02:01:06 UTC  

whether or not its historical

2019-10-15 02:01:19 UTC  

@Dracarys I have heard them converse and they have a true relationship based on love and honesty. I can tell these things, unlike you.

2019-10-15 02:01:52 UTC  

metaphorically jesus is god in the story, he's supposed to be the perfect man, god in flesh. idk if that "really" happened. not as important as the teachings imo

2019-10-15 02:02:07 UTC  


2019-10-15 02:02:09 UTC  

It is