Message from Dracarys in welp. u already Kno... #⛪religion✝

2019-10-15 01:22:26 UTC  

is that occult?

2019-10-15 01:22:44 UTC  

@Dracarys Only the Bible is the true word, all else is bullshit

2019-10-15 01:22:45 UTC  

the written torah that is the torah they told in tongues from generation to generation

2019-10-15 01:22:57 UTC  

Christ frowned upon the traditions of man. You've squandered wisdom for lesser knowledge...knowledge God has condemned *(condemned Biblical).*

2019-10-15 01:23:27 UTC  

theres the torah that moses wrote as part of the bible

2019-10-15 01:23:37 UTC  

then theres the version they told in tongues fro mgeneration to generation

2019-10-15 01:23:42 UTC  

which is also written now

2019-10-15 01:24:08 UTC  

so you think rashi is also bs?

2019-10-15 01:24:12 UTC  

so youre a fundamentalist

2019-10-15 01:26:29 UTC  

Nope, a *fundamentalist* is a useless loaded term, I follow Christ

2019-10-15 01:28:03 UTC  

You lean on the occult & tradition, I lean upon Christ

2019-10-15 01:28:15 UTC  

You have nothing like always

2019-10-15 01:45:59 UTC  

@Deleted User They lean upon their own understanding...that or traditions & pure occult revision like Dracarys. If I'm not mistaken, isn't he a self identifying *Kabblist Jew?*

2019-10-15 01:47:05 UTC  

& does he not deny Christ is God? Isn't that true @Dracarys?

2019-10-15 01:47:39 UTC  


2019-10-15 01:48:00 UTC  
2019-10-15 01:49:26 UTC  

Drac isn’t religious at all

2019-10-15 01:49:33 UTC  

So you are mistaken

2019-10-15 01:51:04 UTC  

@Deleted User youre mistaken. theres no instance of me ever saying that

2019-10-15 01:52:48 UTC  

i like religion. i dont know if its historical. thats my take

2019-10-15 01:53:13 UTC  

i like christianity and judaism

2019-10-15 01:54:44 UTC  

@bible whore 1 He *"isn't religious,"* he only searches for truth in a domain of lies...✔ *"I like religion."* I don't, neither does God.

2019-10-15 01:55:11 UTC  

Don’t assume his religious standing

2019-10-15 01:55:59 UTC  

@bible whore 1 *"If Im not mistaken."*
^ You're the only one assuming genius. You're not clever dear woman

2019-10-15 01:56:19 UTC  

you did assume it..

2019-10-15 01:56:25 UTC  

you fucking low iq dummy

2019-10-15 01:56:31 UTC  

you dont even understand what assuming is

2019-10-15 01:56:40 UTC  

"if im not mistaken, *assumes*"

2019-10-15 01:56:46 UTC  

@Dracarys Asking vs assuming? Might I suggest a dictionary?

2019-10-15 01:56:50 UTC  

i dont mind you assumed but you basically decided for me

2019-10-15 01:57:00 UTC  

And yet I didn't. Hmmmmmm.

2019-10-15 01:57:01 UTC  

you boxed me in without ever asking me

2019-10-15 01:57:03 UTC  

Tbh I wouldn't trust much of what he says.

2019-10-15 01:57:04 UTC  

thats the easiest

2019-10-15 01:57:09 UTC  

I didn’t assume, you said it

2019-10-15 01:57:27 UTC  

you assumed and added a question mark in case youre wrong in your assumoption

2019-10-15 01:57:40 UTC  

low tier argument from low iq azriel

2019-10-15 01:57:53 UTC  

bet youre note ven married

2019-10-15 01:58:11 UTC  

what kind of "model psychologist" would marry you, i have a hard time imaginging

2019-10-15 01:58:50 UTC  

@Dracarys @bible whore 1
The truth will set u free