Message from A voice in the dark in welp. u already Kno... #wars-and-rumors-of-war

2020-06-28 21:06:34 UTC  

The Indians need to continue to apply pressure, and never cower or give an inch to the Communist Chinese scum.

2020-09-15 18:09:50 UTC  

The UN is gonna take part of the USA then they will try to take over the Rest and China will invade with the UN.??????????

2020-09-16 03:00:22 UTC  


2020-09-16 03:00:58 UTC  

war is eugenics. Who watching war gets submissive. May God bless your courage, soul, and spirit.

2020-09-16 03:01:48 UTC  

I found somebody that looks like my stepbrother in law.

2020-09-16 03:02:31 UTC  

internet is cool but creepy.

2020-09-16 03:10:36 UTC  


2020-09-16 03:12:17 UTC  

The smart capable women can give birth and replace evil people. (believe in the power of woman and thesis human development cycles).

2020-09-16 03:14:03 UTC  

Time will tell.

2020-12-08 05:10:21 UTC  

any one have a backup

2021-01-04 02:47:49 UTC  

Just saying... They can dance? Will they care if it's on our corpses?

2021-01-04 02:48:07 UTC  

Will they even notice the difference?