Message from Deleted User in welp. u already Kno... #general

2019-10-10 04:48:21 UTC  

Then be seen as a liar πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

2019-10-10 04:48:32 UTC  

@Raisin 🐺 Im defending myself against bs. U trip too much

2019-10-10 04:48:44 UTC  

...shoo flies

2019-10-10 04:48:46 UTC  

You made the claim

2019-10-10 04:49:09 UTC  

@Deleted User we had moved on and you brought the topic back to you. Jesus your such an attention hore. Smh

2019-10-10 04:49:15 UTC  

@bible whore 1 I stated a fact, *your* making claims

2019-10-10 04:49:17 UTC  


2019-10-10 04:49:27 UTC  

Prove the fact then

2019-10-10 04:49:29 UTC  

Go on

2019-10-10 04:49:35 UTC  

@Raisin 🐺 psychogenic fallacy...βœ”

2019-10-10 04:49:38 UTC  

Guys, I have the IQ of 400. Don't ask me for proof, because I don't need it. You do. I am officially the smartest person. And I have ovaries. Double whammy.

2019-10-10 04:49:38 UTC  

Yup trying to move things along

2019-10-10 04:49:59 UTC  

Oh my look at that

2019-10-10 04:50:21 UTC  

@Deleted User do you need attention little man? Somebody get this dude a bottle

2019-10-10 04:50:29 UTC  

@bible whore 1 What did I tell u? You won't believe anything...& Im not doxxing myself for u Ana πŸ‘Œ

2019-10-10 04:50:46 UTC

2019-10-10 04:50:52 UTC  

@Raisin 🐺 You're on my nuts right now. Get off πŸ‘Œ

2019-10-10 04:51:21 UTC  

@Deleted User quit bring the subject back to yourself over and over again.

2019-10-10 04:51:28 UTC  

@Deleted User I explained my feelings about IQ tests

2019-10-10 04:51:50 UTC  

@Deleted User you’re, mr.massive IQ

2019-10-10 04:51:51 UTC  

@Raisin 🐺 You're bringing me up cheerleader. Put down ur pompoms

2019-10-10 04:51:57 UTC  

Just putting out there

2019-10-10 04:52:32 UTC  

@bible whore 1 Becuz of a typo? Lol. It happens. What's dumb is that you'd assume such things

2019-10-10 04:52:41 UTC  


2019-10-10 04:52:49 UTC  

@Deleted User My satanic army must be against you.

2019-10-10 04:52:49 UTC

2019-10-10 04:52:54 UTC  

I've spelled *you're* correctly enough times...1 typo doesn't bother me

2019-10-10 04:53:07 UTC  

With such a huge IQ, I figured it would annoy you. It annoys me. It hurts me to type like you.

2019-10-10 04:53:22 UTC  

@The Green Fairy It hurst weak minded people

2019-10-10 04:53:26 UTC  


2019-10-10 04:53:45 UTC  

That... makes no sense. Literally none. Not a lick of logic.

2019-10-10 04:53:52 UTC  


2019-10-10 04:53:55 UTC  


2019-10-10 04:54:03 UTC  

@Infinite he just wants attention. He asked us to move on (which we did) then brought the topic back to himslef

2019-10-10 04:54:09 UTC  

lick of logic

2019-10-10 04:54:17 UTC  


2019-10-10 04:54:21 UTC  

He's so lost he can't even find his own IQ score

2019-10-10 04:54:35 UTC  


2019-10-10 04:54:41 UTC  


2019-10-10 04:54:49 UTC  


2019-10-10 04:54:53 UTC