Message from Dracarys in welp. u already Kno... #general

2019-10-13 07:36:06 UTC  

do you think lilith means screeching owl? if yes, why?

2019-10-13 07:36:09 UTC  

I find this revolting, not cute....ngl....

2019-10-13 07:36:17 UTC  

i had no problem understanding your post. stop insulting my intelligence

2019-10-13 07:36:18 UTC  

I think it’s cute

2019-10-13 07:36:24 UTC  

*Is on camping trip in the woods with beautiful family and fulfilling life*
***Get on discord and yell at everyone they're wrong sinners while blocking everyone that disagrees with him***

2019-10-13 07:36:27 UTC  

i just explained exactly your point

2019-10-13 07:36:29 UTC  

mis spelled "spell" as "soell" lmfao

2019-10-13 07:36:33 UTC  

so you cant bs that i didnt understand it

2019-10-13 07:36:39 UTC  

@Dracarys Im not gonna repeat myself to compensate your ignorance kid. Learn to read

2019-10-13 07:36:40 UTC  


2019-10-13 07:36:47 UTC

2019-10-13 07:36:49 UTC  

youre legitimately stupid

2019-10-13 07:36:56 UTC  

I'm 2 rn

2019-10-13 07:37:11 UTC  


2019-10-13 07:37:36 UTC  

@Dracarys You're insulting your own intelligence by applying poor reading skills. Lol!

2019-10-13 07:37:37 UTC  

"Etymology factored in when she tried to assert a mischaracterization of "screech owl""

2019-10-13 07:37:40 UTC  

thats literally what you said

2019-10-13 07:37:43 UTC  

heres teh proof

2019-10-13 07:37:53 UTC  

so youre saying she mischaracterized "SCREECHING OWL"

2019-10-13 07:37:56 UTC  

but it says in hebrew "LILITH"

2019-10-13 07:38:01 UTC  

@Dracarys The record stands. You're done bud

2019-10-13 07:38:04 UTC  


2019-10-13 07:38:06 UTC  

youre fucking stupid

2019-10-13 07:38:07 UTC  

@Deleted User you're insulting us by thinking your existence matters, mate

2019-10-13 07:38:10 UTC  


2019-10-13 07:38:15 UTC  

i bet youre legitimately crazy in the head too

2019-10-13 07:38:24 UTC  
2019-10-13 07:38:28 UTC  


2019-10-13 07:38:36 UTC  

He has been going all day πŸ˜‚

2019-10-13 07:38:37 UTC  

i hope the mods here arent super uptight

2019-10-13 07:38:45 UTC  

i feel i have good reasoning to call that guy a fucking retard

2019-10-13 07:38:52 UTC  

he's being unreasonable, objctively

2019-10-13 07:39:05 UTC  

i repeated his own quote to him and he talks as if there was some hidden meaning or something

2019-10-13 07:39:20 UTC  

how stupid can you be to actually believe itd work when your words are right ther efor all to see

2019-10-13 07:39:25 UTC  


2019-10-13 07:39:33 UTC  

theres even a screenshot

2019-10-13 07:39:33 UTC  

its not a fucking secret that requires a PhD in english to interpret

2019-10-13 07:39:38 UTC  

@Nani... Who are you? πŸ˜‚

2019-10-13 07:39:41 UTC  

@Nani don’t you talk to my whore like that

2019-10-13 07:39:45 UTC  

I'm more of a Torah whore myself