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2019-10-13 09:09:11 UTC  

Life isnt a treasure

2019-10-13 09:09:24 UTC  

You quoted scripture

2019-10-13 09:09:39 UTC  

But... You did it first?

2019-10-13 09:09:40 UTC  

Quoting scripture you dont believe in??

2019-10-13 09:09:49 UTC  

I believe in GOD's word

2019-10-13 09:09:57 UTC  

My guy, that was from the satanic bible 😂 💙

2019-10-13 09:10:35 UTC  

AH you swapped strong with meek

2019-10-13 09:10:41 UTC  

I think it's sleepy bye time for the minor 🤣

2019-10-13 09:13:21 UTC  

Hey if you dont want to be saved thats your choice. I just care for ya and dont want you to die.
Since you don't want to be saved you shouldnt use God's word as an argument against someone who cares for you

2019-10-13 09:13:36 UTC  

*Minor takes the high road*

2019-10-13 09:15:30 UTC  

Isn't it beautiful that GOD died to redeem us ?
Isn't it beautiful that GOD let his creation spit on him, beat him, and mock him so that we may be saved.

2019-10-13 09:15:32 UTC  

Look, I think you genuinely do believe in saving people
I love people who believe in the bible and religion, because it empowers them and gives them a sense of fulfillment! I'm all for that! But when you start judging people because they don't believe in what you do, when you start shouting over someone that they're going to hell, then yes, you can stick your religion.
And I honestly believed what you had said
Before that snarky little comment

2019-10-13 09:16:04 UTC  

He didn't die
He was unconscious for three days

2019-10-13 09:16:48 UTC  

I like Max, he believes in the bible 🤷

2019-10-13 09:18:04 UTC  

Now I do have interests and hobbies outside of discord
If you wish to continue to argue, I'm afraid you'll be doing it by yourself
Bye bye! ☺

2019-10-13 09:18:17 UTC  

You're right, i have no right to judge anyone. I trust GOD, and I know that HE is righteous and HE will judge.

2019-10-13 09:18:27 UTC  

Alright later! I'll pray for you

2019-10-13 09:19:09 UTC  

See? Now was that so hard? Thank you, and good night! I hope you have pleasant dreams ☺

2019-10-13 09:19:39 UTC  

No it wasn't hard. Thank you

2019-10-13 09:19:45 UTC  

You as well

2019-10-13 09:19:51 UTC  

@The Green Fairy. You amaze me now

2019-10-13 09:20:24 UTC

2019-10-13 09:21:24 UTC  

Your showing a depth I did not know you possessed

2019-10-13 09:21:43 UTC  

@Deleted User why are you saying that

2019-10-13 09:22:08 UTC  

@Winnie why not?

2019-10-13 09:22:24 UTC  

Just making me feel like she did something to me

2019-10-13 09:22:58 UTC  

@Winnielike what?

2019-10-13 09:23:01 UTC  

Im just curious as to what kind of depth you were referring to

2019-10-13 09:23:26 UTC  

A depth in what

2019-10-13 09:23:57 UTC  

I've never heard her speak that extensively

2019-10-13 09:24:35 UTC  

Sorry I was impressed

2019-10-13 09:24:56 UTC  

Oh okay I just misunderstood

2019-10-13 09:25:06 UTC  

My insecurites lol

2019-10-13 09:25:16 UTC  

I just want peace

2019-10-13 09:25:17 UTC  

@Winnie we are good winnie

2019-10-13 09:25:22 UTC  

Alright cool man 😄

2019-10-13 09:30:06 UTC  

<@586409936754573322>. Hey

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