Message from AZ infidel in welp. u already Kno... #general

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Yeah, Freemasons are on that short game esotericism

2019-10-15 07:05:43 UTC  

@oddball. Are you talking to yourself?

2019-10-15 07:09:39 UTC  

Do you do this often

2019-10-15 07:13:59 UTC  

Even as half of a conversation, You make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

2019-10-15 07:14:29 UTC  

Like a word salad

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Ok I'm here now @oddball

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Birkland current of Sarurn, Jupiter, and the Sun

2019-10-15 07:16:14 UTC  

I believe it is that, there may be other planets in play on the periphery

2019-10-15 07:16:24 UTC  

In a nutshell

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You are insulting fuzzy

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You are making no sense

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Yep, I'm a hypervisual person but that will only take me so far without understanding and working out the math. For our purposes though, we should be able to understand snd explain it to someone else to a reasonable degree.

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Totally man @oddball

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@Deleted UserNo he discribed nothing

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@AZ infidel We are learning here.

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Are you ok dude?

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It's ok

2019-10-15 07:20:25 UTC  

Oh ya for sure @AZ infidel

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Oh ya for sure @No one. What?

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@AZ infidel I was answering the question you asked me, *are you ok?* and I replied *oh ya for sure* meaning yes, I'm ok.

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You were talking to him? Hehe nm 🙂

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Is it like a freindly Touretts syndrome?

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@oddball I didn't get to hear it all

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I had to walk throught the rain again lol

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The images are subjective

2019-10-15 07:28:57 UTC  

Because they are translated by our minds

2019-10-15 07:29:09 UTC  

Even though they are objective

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They are hung up on their personal perspective

2019-10-15 07:29:42 UTC  

As being completely objective

2019-10-15 07:30:06 UTC  

When it is all light and sound, interpreted

2019-10-15 07:30:43 UTC  

There is more empty space within solidity than there is detectable substance

2019-10-15 07:31:19 UTC  

Now, I am totally open to being shown if I am wrong.

2019-10-15 07:31:57 UTC  

But any such arguments need to be made in good faith and contain a reason why.