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2020-02-27 21:04:41 UTC  

AZ was also the bodyguard for the entire band, but no one ever remembers that part.

2020-02-27 21:04:59 UTC  

mans earned so much repsect from me lol

2020-02-27 21:07:16 UTC  

i mean if i encounter evil people my idea is to simply do as they say i aint strong enough to fight really

2020-02-27 21:07:35 UTC  

That's why God made AK-47s.

2020-02-27 21:07:43 UTC  


2020-02-27 21:08:02 UTC  

if i am complacent its better than having a bullet through my head

2020-02-27 21:08:20 UTC  

@Karnivore I love my AK, I love my AR, I love all guns

2020-02-27 21:08:30 UTC  

And my guns love me

2020-02-27 21:08:34 UTC  

I love your guns, too.

2020-02-27 21:08:52 UTC  

sounds like you are talking into a mirror about yah muscles lol

2020-02-27 21:09:09 UTC  

I am waxing poetically, that's what guns do to me

2020-02-27 21:09:28 UTC  

Have you ever heard of gunporn?

2020-02-27 21:09:35 UTC  

that exists?

2020-02-27 21:09:50 UTC  

Ohhh yeahhhh

2020-02-27 21:10:10 UTC  

Every picture of a gun is gunporn to me

2020-02-27 21:10:14 UTC  

so its loke food porn but with guns

2020-02-27 21:10:17 UTC  


2020-02-27 21:10:24 UTC  


2020-02-27 21:10:33 UTC  

what has this world come too hahahaha jk

2020-02-27 21:11:09 UTC  

i mean guns are fucking amazing and all but a kink to them i aint judging but its kinda funny

2020-02-27 21:11:30 UTC  

If you are American and you were in Arizona you would feel the same exact way

2020-02-27 21:11:42 UTC  


2020-02-27 21:12:05 UTC  

or in california where they will probably take them away from you

2020-02-27 21:12:26 UTC  

Hey you guys started it all with Magna Carta

2020-02-27 21:12:48 UTC  

magna carta wasnt taking away our weapons its was just giving more rights to barons

2020-02-27 21:13:17 UTC  

We expanded it out to include everyone, Every Man a king is home a castle

2020-02-27 21:13:34 UTC  

sounds like a Huey Long quote

2020-02-27 21:13:38 UTC  

wait was it Huey long

2020-02-27 21:13:53 UTC  

yeah i was correct

2020-02-27 21:13:56 UTC  

Marxist don't want me to say that

2020-02-27 21:14:02 UTC  

watch this...gun porn!

2020-02-27 21:14:05 UTC

2020-02-27 21:14:10 UTC  

holy smokes

2020-02-27 21:14:17 UTC  

Now I'm hard

2020-02-27 21:14:23 UTC  


2020-02-27 21:14:44 UTC  

probs put his penis isnide of the barrel hahaha

2020-02-27 21:16:18 UTC  

hard to get guns over here sadly

2020-02-27 21:17:17 UTC  

, it's a different world over here, gun shows are the friendliest and safest place on the face of the Earth

2020-02-27 21:17:36 UTC  

over here the safest place is in a graveyard

2020-02-27 21:17:54 UTC  

The safest place to be in the entire universe is at a gun show in the USA.

2020-02-27 21:18:02 UTC  

thats true tbh