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2021-01-06 02:38:46 UTC  

Some think it could be declared tommorow! @YoderBoater22 , but doubt it.

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2021-01-06 02:40:32 UTC  

Possibly referring to Dr. Dre as a psyop to encourage black youth to commit crime instead of a real job.

2021-01-06 02:41:22 UTC  

Rice Crispy Bob

2021-01-06 02:41:43 UTC  

Good now Bob

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2021-01-06 02:41:48 UTC  

Interesting, thanks!

2021-01-06 02:44:03 UTC  

R’s winning at 79%... just like Trump. You’ll wake up tomorrow and they will have lost by millions 😂

2021-01-06 02:44:49 UTC  

I hope not

2021-01-06 02:44:55 UTC  

Hear ya

2021-01-06 02:45:26 UTC  

@aaronjestice The CIA used the hippie movement the same way. Then switched to hip-hop. Make the youth lazy and ignorant of everything and they are much easier to manipulate

2021-01-06 02:46:01 UTC  

No, it’s a lot harder to flip senate races that late. They should feel ok

2021-01-06 02:46:24 UTC  

Why? Because a lot less volume and not as spread out?

2021-01-06 02:46:43 UTC  

whats this pence business

2021-01-06 02:46:56 UTC  

Still too close of a race to breathe easy

2021-01-06 02:46:58 UTC  

silver fox up to no good

2021-01-06 02:47:19 UTC  

Just wanted to bump this must read: this tread breaks down the 50 min call

2021-01-06 02:47:41 UTC  

That makes sense! Never thought about that. It’s funny though because all the liberals from those times were anti-government and anti-big corporation. And now they are the complete opposite 🤦‍♂️

2021-01-06 02:48:41 UTC  

I'm not sure on the Pence deal. Some say he won't show, others are saying he won't show for the Senate debate part. Who knows

2021-01-06 02:48:46 UTC

2021-01-06 02:48:52 UTC  

Yea, I’m not sure how many districts GA has, but the number of voters is much smaller than the whole state, which you know is what the president has to win

2021-01-06 02:48:59 UTC  

I'm not going to be able to get any work done tomorrow

2021-01-06 02:49:33 UTC  

That was what they were told to be. Sheep then, sheep now

2021-01-06 02:49:49 UTC  

Likwise, the chats going to be on fire. 😁

2021-01-06 02:50:43 UTC  

Yup! I just find it ironic. Or just fucking idiotic they don’t see that. Also they used to be anti-war now they support people who are pro-war. The list goes on and on it seems

2021-01-06 02:50:50 UTC  

They both have decent leads, if they lose it will be by the smallest margin. And suspicious lol

2021-01-06 02:51:02 UTC  

Waiting for "Breaking, Georgia pauses the count of the senate election and will pick things up in the morning"

2021-01-06 02:51:35 UTC  

They already extended their deadline

2021-01-06 02:51:55 UTC  

Can someone share a link to the Italy stuff, I’m lost.

2021-01-06 02:51:57 UTC  

For mail in absentee

2021-01-06 02:52:05 UTC  

Please, sorry

2021-01-06 02:52:06 UTC  

Mail in and absentee

2021-01-06 02:52:22 UTC  

Scroll up, someone made a thread

2021-01-06 02:52:49 UTC  

Peepped this earlier

2021-01-06 02:53:38 UTC  

Fake news

2021-01-06 02:54:04 UTC  

Antifa vs proud boys tomorrow likely

2021-01-06 02:54:06 UTC  

We don’t know if he’s going to actually do the right thing

2021-01-06 02:54:14 UTC  

What is the MSM pushing? Same thing as the Dem party, College prof's, Elites, Celebs, Globalists, etc... They are brainwashed and they don't even realize it

2021-01-06 02:55:24 UTC  

Stefan serafini, google her name diet soda