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But they also labaled some groups (Identity Evropa, and Vanguard America) we are affiliated with domestic terrorist.

2017-07-08 05:39:01 UTC  

oh damn

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what did i miss about g20 ive been under a rock

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Wrathsalts, are you Nate? How do I friend you from the server? @Wrathsalts

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@Guan antifa commies rioting, injuring police and destroying hamburg

2017-07-08 05:43:42 UTC  

ew globalists

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oh boy

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@Guan Mass riots, over 200 cops injured

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Can we form a global order defense corp?

2017-07-08 05:44:37 UTC  

Germany had to deploy the German Armed Forces @Guan

2017-07-08 05:44:43 UTC  

Carry out law of the land against anarchists and leftists in a global scale

2017-07-08 05:44:53 UTC  

one of us just buy a chinook and fly it to wherever the commies go

2017-07-08 05:45:00 UTC  

that's actually insane though

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what are they rioting over? something stupid i assume?

2017-07-08 05:45:51 UTC  

Where are those fuckers when white German women got raped by brown muslim?

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The guy who flew there should contact local hooligans, football (which is soccer in your language) fans, to carry out laws in Hamburg. Lots of German hooligans and football fans hate the leftists and they would be on our side!

2017-07-08 05:47:33 UTC  

They would get the job done quick, holigans dont mess around

2017-07-08 05:47:43 UTC  

And some of them are neo-nzi too!

2017-07-08 05:47:53 UTC  

remember the milwal hero haha

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are these guys just rioting over the donny or do they have a reason for once

2017-07-08 05:49:02 UTC  

If we represent Murica to rally the hooligans to take action, believe me, some blood will be spilled, of the left.

2017-07-08 05:49:11 UTC  

Mainly over dt

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2017-07-08 05:49:20 UTC  

a little over putin

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man with actual balls is a racist

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Hooligans are patriots. People who are deprived of arms but sustained the ancient courage and wildness of autonomy. They represent survival instinct and the source of youth in a dying welfare state.

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@alexanderf1-Louisiana Hey are you in the louisiana server?

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We got big plans

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Same goes to the Swedish right wingers. These "ultra-right" (which means extremely correct) always waive their national flags, chant their national anthem, defend their women and children and ancient honor. They are true conservatives and true patriots.

2017-07-08 05:52:52 UTC  

Traditions keep us strong. Thats what Trump says

2017-07-08 05:53:22 UTC  

I am only in this server I think

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@Greg88 You know the left desperately for once wanted a badass to turn out to be one of theirs