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2020-12-11 08:18:48 UTC  

Half Life Alyx wasn't even nominated for GOTY <:honk:694051039241830470>

2020-12-11 08:20:06 UTC  

Last of Us Part II best narrative <:honk:694051039241830470>

2020-12-11 08:20:41 UTC  

Best Game Direction Tranny Fucker Suckmann <:honk:694051039241830470>

2020-12-11 08:25:13 UTC  

Lol no. Even if you manage to find and properly rename the directories the likelihood that another directory or ref parameter got changed. You pmuch bricked it and the only to resolve it is to reformat it and try again.

2020-12-11 23:15:45 UTC  

I crucified a guy in cyberpunk

2020-12-11 23:41:52 UTC  


2020-12-12 04:19:57 UTC  

You get a call from wakako (the Japanese fixer) and she gives you a side quest that is a hit job. Don’t actually kill anyone, the oppurtunity will come to you

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2020-12-12 13:29:09 UTC  

Best Game Direction: The Last of Us: Part II

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2020-12-12 17:18:42 UTC  

Best = the most woke, what do you expect from the entertainment industries in current year?

2020-12-12 18:04:01 UTC  

The VGAs are no more relevant than the Oscars, as far as I'm concerned. They both routinely ignore groundbreaking works and other things that are truly worthy of accolades in favor of what the industry wants. I'd rather go on ignoring both of them for the most part.

2020-12-12 19:45:14 UTC  

All the awards shows are the same way. Grammys are probably the worst. Cardi B won a Grammy....

2020-12-12 21:37:22 UTC  

Technological games.

2020-12-13 07:29:52 UTC  

PC Gamers have entered the war

2020-12-13 07:39:53 UTC  

PC has no games lmao

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2020-12-13 08:04:13 UTC  

Xbox Destroyed

2020-12-13 12:54:29 UTC  

Only because Microsoft is trying to EEE PC gaming, though.

2020-12-13 15:06:30 UTC  

I saw arma in there, based.

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2020-12-13 22:57:57 UTC  

Refunded cyberdung <:hmm:691981543593476106>

2020-12-14 02:23:03 UTC  

any good open worlds?

2020-12-14 02:23:14 UTC  

if only r* and bethesda didn't make a game every 10 years

2020-12-14 02:37:31 UTC  

Genshin Impact

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2020-12-14 02:39:03 UTC  

nah I don't like weeb games

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2020-12-14 02:41:23 UTC  

What about Yakuza? That's semi-open world.

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haha! awesome.

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2020-12-15 06:02:56 UTC  

hello fellow gamers what is the most expensive keyboard you've destroyed by spilling alcohol on it

2020-12-15 09:34:03 UTC  

I lost a few keyboards by spilling soda on it, but I'm not an alcoholic.