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> There are only 3 future paths for the US now.
> 1 - Continue on current current trajectory and fade into oblivion, eventually all americans of ethnic european origin will either be race-mixed out of existence or outright genocided.
> 2 - Start fighting back and balkanize the country and try to survive that way.
> 3 - A third power nukes the US(and israel), destroying it completely, thereby saving the world from its acidic influence, but allso dooming its people.
What acidic influence are you talking about?
By any chance, are you a Muslim and do you believe in Allah?

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Based Human Revolution OST

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Proof about Jewish supremacy...

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He talks so open about it..

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@Salom Basically Jews pushed and still pushing for communism and the new form of it now.. they are leading the charge of globalism seek to destroy the european cultural and ethnical identity while keeping theres..

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Enslaving the world establishing the one world government with them as masters

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They control major parts of the global finance system, the main stream media...

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I believe there is a minority of Jews opposing this tho until this day I didn't saw that they did it with real success.

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People should have at least a open debate about this.. about the JQ..

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@Salom Also there is historic proof that they got trouble everywhere they went, and that not just in Europe..

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Imagine getting kicked out of over 100 nations

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Imagine being kicked out of 109 nations and thinking you're still not the problem

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Its too obvious

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All 109 of those nations are antisemitic monsters who have baseless hate for jews!!!

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Because they refused to integrate into the countries they fled to. Because they were all planning on returning to their ancestral territory when the time was right.

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There are people you might see as good Jewish people like Prager U , Ben Shapiro and those kinds tho now I see that they are just having there own interests first.. they lie subvert ..

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Of course, if you're going to whitewash White European history, then you can't accept that the Europeans ever did anything wrong.

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Stop projecting

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guac to the rescue as always

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We all have blood on our hands tho Jews seem the ones with the most blood

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By smartly genocide the western people

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+ they already did killed countless millions with communism as Bolshevists ..

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But still, blaming ALL Jews for this?

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Bolsheviks used Stalin.. he also had jewish wifes and implemented anti semitic laws so you cant speak against them

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Well @Kandarihu Yes

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Even the ones who are opposed to it? Even the ones who are hurt by it?

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Seems they are the minority

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Shit... I think I work in the sixth... God Damn it

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But that still means hurting innocent people. And you're not hurting them for the communism or the bolshevistism. You're hurting them for being of a different ethnicity. I'm totally against communism and globalism. But I don't want to be punished for being part of those systems that I oppose just because a bunch of people of the same ethnicity as me are pushing for it.

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Well even Hitler didn't punish all..

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I want revenge. It's that simple.

My people have been humiliated and stripped of their identity.

If an eye for an eye makes the world blind, the one who strikes last goes blind first.