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2020-11-18 01:50:41 UTC  

Got work to do right now

2020-11-18 01:53:09 UTC  

do you mean the ZoomerNat Youtube @vikingswine

2020-11-18 01:53:38 UTC  

@Benster That is correct.

2020-11-18 01:53:49 UTC  

I edited it

2020-11-18 02:00:36 UTC  

@yeon thoughts on Christianity?

2020-11-18 02:01:53 UTC  

I'm fine with normal Christianity, hate the cults and extremists tho (just like with any religion)

2020-11-18 02:02:12 UTC  

I have Christian cousins n stuff

2020-11-18 02:02:49 UTC  

@yeon hmm. Ever considered converting

2020-11-18 02:02:55 UTC  

yeah I have actually

2020-11-18 02:02:55 UTC  

And at least open to Christendom?

2020-11-18 02:02:58 UTC  


2020-11-18 02:03:05 UTC  

I've went to church before

2020-11-18 02:03:08 UTC  

Ok your good

2020-11-18 03:10:42 UTC  

1. I followed someone named PaleoconBen on ig, they had the link to this server in their bio
2. Male
3. Bristol, UK
4. I’m a Conservative Party supporter. I am would say I am a Right-Wing Nationalist/Paleoconservative/Theocracy
5. I’m not sure bout “America First” but I do believe in “UK First” being that we should be more Nationalistic, Johnson is to much of a wimp when it comes to this.
I’ve heard of Mr Nick, and seen some of his work, but I mostly watch Paul Joseph Watson, a british commentator. Yes, I suppose I am a Groyper, though this sounds like American thing.
6. My acc is on Instagram, it’s a little political page called the.youngbritnews.
7. Traditional Baptist Christian

2020-11-18 05:34:53 UTC  

@theyoungbrit verified

2020-11-18 18:23:28 UTC  


2020-11-18 18:24:39 UTC  

@KFrank (BaeFrank) welcome back papa frank

2020-11-19 01:02:27 UTC  

1. I followed PaleoconBen on ig
2. Male
3. Arkansas
4. I’m a paleoConservative, Christian nationalist
5. I think America first is amazing, I am a groyper
6. My acc is on Instagram
7. Baptist Christian

2020-11-19 01:47:30 UTC  

1. ZoomerNat video
2. Big man
3. East coast
4. No clue tbh
5. Very new to the show
6. None
7. Evangelical christian

2020-11-19 01:51:02 UTC  

@Alisbra verified

2020-11-19 13:06:22 UTC  

1. ZoomerNat YT
2. Male
3. Australia
4. Realpolitik, Teutonic/Anglo Empire
5. Fuentes fan
6. No
7. Anything that favours the Apollonian over the Dionysian, Master morality over slave morality etc.

2020-11-19 14:49:04 UTC  

1. Zoomernat YouTube
2. Male
3. Deepest south
4. Paleocon maybe with some fascist tendencies
5. Yea I have been watching nick for a while I’d say I’m a groyper
6. No
7. Christian

2020-11-19 15:28:02 UTC  

1. ZoomerNat Youtube
2. Male
3. USA
4. Paleocon Nationalist
7. Christian

2020-11-19 15:41:58 UTC  

It’s morb

2020-11-19 15:45:57 UTC  

das rite nigga

2020-11-19 15:48:25 UTC  


2020-11-20 20:33:46 UTC  

please identify yourselves<@&733906399834275900>

2020-11-20 20:34:00 UTC  

Answer the questions in the pinned message

2020-11-20 20:36:29 UTC  


2020-11-20 20:36:39 UTC  


2020-11-20 20:37:06 UTC  

Deep South

2020-11-20 20:37:21 UTC  


2020-11-20 20:37:59 UTC  

I watch Nick and am a groyper

2020-11-20 20:38:28 UTC  

Insta: anerican.paleocon

2020-11-20 20:38:42 UTC  

Yes, Southern Baptist

2020-11-20 20:39:45 UTC  

1) thequack invited me
2) male
3) southeast
4) America First conservative
5) I watch Nick, Vincent, Jaden, Beardson, Frannsen and Lloyd
6) I'm not active on social media
7) I'm Christian

2020-11-20 20:40:35 UTC  

Groyper o7

2020-11-20 22:17:09 UTC  

1. Zoomer nat on Youtube, came up in recomendations. Watch Nick
2. Male
3. West Coast
4. Paleo Con. Watch Nick, Doyle Mostly
5. Watch Nick
7. Christian

2020-11-21 00:07:08 UTC  

1. How did you get the invite to this server? If a person or social media account state who.
Someone gave me a QR code to scan to join at a groyper lunch after atl save the steal rally
2. Are you male or female?
3. Where in the country are you? General answers like west coast, deep south, etc. will do. If not in the US just state country.
4. What is your political affiliation, what labels do you use to define yourself?
Conservative, Trad, Catholic, Fascist
5. What is your relationship with the America first movement? Do you watch commentators like Nick Fuentes? Are you a Groyper?
AMERICA FIRST I watch Nick Fuentes, groyper gang
6. Do you have any political social media? If so, leave the @.
Not gonna dox my personal Instagram lmao
7. Are you religious, if so, what religion.

2020-11-21 00:29:23 UTC  

@johnw223 verified. Also we weren't asking for your personal ig. We were asking if you have a political account.

2020-11-21 02:25:24 UTC  

1. Quack
2. Male
3. South
4. Maga Steppin' campus conservative
5. yes
6. tw @bazlad1
7. raised Episcopal moving toward Catholic