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2016-06-06 21:45:45 UTC  

The aesthetics

2016-06-06 21:45:52 UTC  

anyone know if blank media like bluray disc and dvd disc are any good

2016-06-06 21:45:56 UTC  

from chinaland

2016-06-06 21:46:03 UTC  

Just got CM 13 2 weeks ago OTA

2016-06-06 21:46:18 UTC  

The logo looks like it's a branch of alienware or something

2016-06-06 21:46:44 UTC  

Yeah, I like the brown rim camera

2016-06-06 21:46:51 UTC  


2016-06-06 21:46:57 UTC  

Not much accessories for it

2016-06-06 21:47:10 UTC  

The texture on the back seems ok

2016-06-06 21:47:13 UTC  

Probably going to go bankrupt

2016-06-06 21:47:20 UTC  

Otherwise looks like an average phone

2016-06-06 21:47:52 UTC  

It's weird, it isn't rooted I don't think

2016-06-06 21:48:07 UTC  

But has all the CM stuff

2016-06-06 21:48:13 UTC  

Need to look into that

2016-06-06 21:48:21 UTC  

Don't all CM roms have a switch in the settings somewhere?

2016-06-06 21:48:24 UTC  

looks nice but only SD 615 with the "straongest" phone? >_>

2016-06-06 21:48:46 UTC  

Root access is in dev options

2016-06-06 21:48:55 UTC  

Yeah I'd get a chink one now

2016-06-06 21:49:09 UTC  

My old one was moto /g/ 4g

2016-06-06 21:49:15 UTC  

wonder if the pajeets at xda have made CM 13 to redmeme note 3 have fingerprint now

2016-06-06 21:49:34 UTC  

Think they did

2016-06-06 21:50:16 UTC  

ya, they did. I'm contemplating install it now...

2016-06-06 21:50:44 UTC  

holy shit he did it

2016-06-06 21:50:47 UTC  

absolute madman

2016-06-06 21:51:29 UTC  

The novelty of a fingerprint reader blew over me quite quickly

2016-06-06 21:51:52 UTC  

Now I don't use a lockscreen at all, just like on my old phone

2016-06-06 21:52:26 UTC  

Is it that good?

2016-06-06 21:52:41 UTC  

Is what good?

2016-06-06 21:53:05 UTC  

Fingerprint scanners

2016-06-06 21:53:10 UTC  

Never used one on phones

2016-06-06 21:53:18 UTC  

I dunno, pressing the power button is quicker

2016-06-06 21:53:40 UTC  

They work very well, and much easier than having a passcode.
I don't use a code, though, so I find them redundant.

2016-06-06 21:55:27 UTC  

also, I'm sure that your fingerprint ends up somewhere that isn't just your phone.

2016-06-06 21:55:32 UTC  

Either at chinks or at NSA. Or both.

2016-06-06 21:55:59 UTC  

Is there anything that doesn't end up somewhere?

2016-06-06 21:56:22 UTC  

Not at all, but I'm thinking it's just something that some people would take into consideration.

2016-06-06 21:56:50 UTC  

The OK Google archive thread from earlier was spooky

2016-06-06 21:56:55 UTC  

All the voice clips

2016-06-06 21:57:12 UTC  

Yeah, I found out myself a couple of days ago

2016-06-06 21:57:24 UTC  

Brief me

2016-06-06 21:57:48 UTC  

Google saves the clip whenever you say OK Google