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2016-07-19 17:30:10 UTC  

hell probably turn up in a few days

2016-07-19 17:30:39 UTC  

did he normally namefag?

2016-07-19 17:30:50 UTC  

Never afaik

2016-07-19 17:31:11 UTC  

He only started his posts with "Comfy Tech Reviews anon here" when it was relevant

2016-07-19 17:31:36 UTC  


2016-07-19 17:31:54 UTC  

You have to transfer "owner role" before leaving, I think

2016-07-19 17:32:03 UTC  

Question is, who did he transfer it to?

2016-07-19 17:32:07 UTC  


2016-07-19 17:32:12 UTC  


2016-07-19 17:32:13 UTC  

Look at that

2016-07-19 17:32:40 UTC  


2016-07-19 17:33:40 UTC  

he seemed to be pushing pretty hard for this community to be a thing

2016-07-19 17:33:42 UTC  

You don't intend to delete this, do you? @cathy

2016-07-19 17:33:45 UTC  

maybe he burned himself out on it

2016-07-19 17:34:01 UTC  

I don't

2016-07-19 17:34:04 UTC  

That's great

2016-07-19 17:34:23 UTC  

Just keep it the way it is so we can throw in random Chink shit deals now and then

2016-07-19 17:34:34 UTC  

Which I really thought was the whole point of this

2016-07-19 17:35:40 UTC  

@breh My personal opinion is that he got caught into drama and arguments way too easily

2016-07-19 17:36:28 UTC  

And saying something like "answer me this so I can finally ban you" is pretty damn low

2016-07-19 17:36:54 UTC  

about who?

2016-07-19 17:37:00 UTC  


2016-07-19 17:37:04 UTC  

That got sorted out though

2016-07-19 17:39:02 UTC  

yeah he seemed to be into drama and stuff

2016-07-19 17:39:53 UTC  

dont misunderstand, hes a good guy in my books. we like the same musical composer. just he does have some strange flaws imo

2016-07-19 17:39:55 UTC  

he got tired of all the underage kids shouting WHICH IS BEST SD CARD

2016-07-19 17:39:56 UTC  


2016-07-19 17:39:58 UTC  

maybe thats a bit too strong to say

2016-07-19 18:04:43 UTC  

Welcome @php_sux_dix!

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2016-07-19 18:05:07 UTC  

do u guys vape?

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2016-07-19 18:14:12 UTC  

m8 u need phat clouds in ur life

2016-07-19 18:14:35 UTC  

Your name is on point

2016-07-19 18:15:09 UTC  

I like using hard facts as my nicknames

2016-07-19 18:16:48 UTC  

is the radio show continuing?

2016-07-19 18:17:21 UTC  

You'll have to somehow get in contact with Comfy if you want to get an answer to that question

2016-07-19 18:17:43 UTC  

the answer before was "if enough people with mics who arent complete spergs turn up"

2016-07-19 18:18:00 UTC  

the answer now is "if that happens and also comfy decides to turn up"

2016-07-19 18:18:10 UTC  

although i suppose you could probably do it on your own

2016-07-19 18:18:19 UTC  

can we do it in arabic?