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2016-08-02 16:33:05 UTC  

i laugh when i see reviews from kazakhstan because i wonder how chink shit gets there and I get reminded of borat

2016-08-02 16:33:13 UTC  

they're really frequent too

2016-08-02 17:43:56 UTC  

Kazakhstan is very close to china

2016-08-02 17:44:08 UTC  

so I doubt that is the problem

2016-08-02 17:44:20 UTC  

and the asian dictatures all love eachother

2016-08-02 17:49:27 UTC  

This kazakhstani guy is pro Aliexpress shill

2016-08-02 17:50:48 UTC  

Hes even got a BM-800

2016-08-02 17:52:04 UTC  

I bought and am currently using this wallet

2016-08-02 17:52:25 UTC  

It's great.

2016-08-02 17:52:49 UTC  

Big, got three money pouches, one with lock

2016-08-02 17:53:11 UTC  

shoo shoo, **random777** stinky chinky

2016-08-02 17:53:20 UTC  

got like 9 card slots, on three layers

2016-08-02 17:53:26 UTC  

one of the layers is see-through so you can keep ID there

2016-08-02 17:53:56 UTC  

and on top of this it has one miscellany pouch with lock, good for sharks

2016-08-02 17:54:11 UTC  

so yeah, great wallet, but THICC

2016-08-02 17:54:31 UTC  

in fact so thicc that I never keep coins with it, because coins make it too thicc

2016-08-02 17:55:53 UTC  

>normies keep condoms

2016-08-02 17:55:55 UTC  

too bad you'll never get to use it :v)

2016-08-02 17:55:57 UTC  

>I keep sharks

2016-08-02 17:57:09 UTC  

Always keep a few sharks in your wallet to woo the ladies

2016-08-02 17:57:26 UTC  

Yeah, can show them shark foot tricks

2016-08-02 18:01:36 UTC  

Ooh, thanks.

2016-08-02 18:13:25 UTC  

Gearbest please

2016-08-02 18:13:29 UTC  

hey!Today i finally received my mouse and wanted to leave a feedback on ebay but the system detects something in my review which is a no-no:Good:
Can be used with either hand and still be comfortable.
Light,so even after extended usage you won't feel exhausted
Isn't filled with billion buttons and leds to look cool for "gamers"
Despite the shiny surface it looks great
Great options to set DPI
With the software which can be downloaded from the manufacturer's site you can create many different profiles for different games
Great feedback on clicking,doesn't have to push buttons too hard but they have just enough resistance

None.It does what it needs to do and does it perfectly.

Would recommend.

2016-08-02 18:13:40 UTC  

i literally cannot tell what's wrong with my review

2016-08-02 18:13:53 UTC  

it doesn't allow me to submit

2016-08-02 18:13:59 UTC  

I think you went over the limit

2016-08-02 18:14:16 UTC  

but when i type there is 44xx more character limit

2016-08-02 18:14:26 UTC  


2016-08-02 18:14:42 UTC  

well that isn't very descriptive

2016-08-02 18:14:50 UTC  

well yeah

2016-08-02 18:14:52 UTC  

it's eBay

2016-08-02 18:15:00 UTC  

I usually default to "Good." or "As described."

2016-08-02 18:15:15 UTC  


2016-08-02 18:15:39 UTC  

" Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++."

2016-08-02 18:15:43 UTC  

sellers do it too

2016-08-02 18:15:53 UTC  

>only one A