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2017-03-29 16:48:26 UTC  

Yea a little bit above Daytona

2017-03-29 16:49:04 UTC  

We will probably need to have north florida and south florida meetups separate. Or have them in orlando

2017-03-29 16:49:17 UTC  


2017-03-29 16:49:26 UTC  

Florida is so long

2017-03-29 16:49:40 UTC  

Your area is like 5 hours away

2017-03-29 16:49:43 UTC  

I am going to Orlando on the 29th

2017-03-29 16:49:58 UTC  


2017-03-29 16:50:13 UTC  

Ill see if we have enough Floridafags to organize a meetup

2017-03-29 16:50:22 UTC  

But is for school :^[

2017-03-29 16:50:26 UTC  

Maybe summer would be better idea though

2017-03-29 16:50:34 UTC  

For florida meetup

2017-03-29 16:50:36 UTC  

Yea summer

2017-03-29 16:50:52 UTC  

I like dying in the heat and pollen

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2017-03-29 17:01:50 UTC  

>a fucking snowflake

2017-03-29 17:08:52 UTC

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@ChippedStones he has a 5 min cooldown

2017-03-29 17:20:43 UTC  

Democrats are against democratic oversights of the privately owned Central Bank.

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2017-03-29 17:23:56 UTC  

The pro-public sector party with democracy in its name is against public oversight by democraticily accountable officials of the most important part of our economy.

2017-03-29 17:24:33 UTC  

@🅱arD So are Republicans. Fuck both parties, tbqh. The only reason I'm siding with the GOP for now is because Trump and his team are attempting to shift it in a nationalist direction.

2017-03-29 17:25:05 UTC  

The Republicans just pushed a bill to do so through Congress.

2017-03-29 17:25:34 UTC  

And they will likely have Senate and Whitehouse support

2017-03-29 17:25:40 UTC  

Really? Can I have soz?

2017-03-29 17:25:50 UTC  

There are 0 good Dems and like 5 good GOPers which is the only reason GOP is better

2017-03-29 17:26:00 UTC  

BUT snakes in GOP are more dangerous

2017-03-29 17:26:33 UTC  

The Jews are our enemies and as such they hate, poison, and exterminate us. Romanians who cross into their camp are worse than enemies: they are traitors. If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it. - Codreanu

2017-03-29 17:27:41 UTC  

Trump has effectively neutered the democrats for a while

2017-03-29 17:27:55 UTC  

The GOP is his number one threat currently

2017-03-29 17:28:22 UTC  

we need more steve kings and randlets

2017-03-29 17:28:39 UTC  

The GOP is primarily comprised of neoconservatives. That's it's biggest problem.

2017-03-29 17:29:43 UTC  

What doglad said about the Gop, there are like a handful of good ones and a decent number of ok ones, but so many of them are shit

2017-03-29 17:30:33 UTC  

But better than the Dems who you will be lucky to find 2 or 3 that are even ok.

2017-03-29 17:32:19 UTC  

Hopefully he's able to bully pulpit all the never trumpers out

2017-03-29 17:36:54 UTC  

Bernie Sanders is pretty reasonable as far as Dems go, but he'd be a lot better if he didn't masquerade as a socialist (if he espoused actual socialist tenets he'd be much less popular) and wasn't a cultural Marxist. He's a genuine guy, which I can appreciate, but he's also a product of the 60's, which means he was a victim of Soviet ideological subversion.

2017-03-29 17:37:12 UTC  

Basically he's a useful idiot.

2017-03-29 17:38:40 UTC  

>bernie sanders is pretty reasonable as far as Dems go

2017-03-29 17:38:45 UTC