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2019-05-24 06:21:53 UTC

2019-05-24 06:56:17 UTC  

@Bucko the reason i asked was because i never really operated a moped before so i wanna know how it could work best for me to understand

2019-05-24 06:57:07 UTC  

if im gonna build something like this, i wanna make sure i know how it will work

2019-05-24 06:58:01 UTC  

i've never worked on bike engines before which is why i specifically was looking at flathead designs

2019-05-24 06:58:14 UTC  

less parts

2019-05-24 06:58:43 UTC  

cheap and simple

2019-05-24 06:59:35 UTC  

plus its a 4 stroke engine which i am more familiar with than 2 stroke

2019-05-24 07:00:45 UTC  

the main issue is how do i set it up best for simplicity in use and operation without drastically aftering the bike itself

2019-05-24 07:02:30 UTC  

like for instance how do i set it up to idle, because if i dont then everytime i put on the brakes i'd have to start up the engine again

2019-05-24 07:04:43 UTC  

which is why i thought of pedals being used to start the engine and put on brakes without stalling the engine everytime i stop at a traffic intersection

2019-05-24 07:05:02 UTC  

hence the "hand accelerator"

2019-05-24 07:05:44 UTC  

the controls for motor bikes is left clutch, right front brake and throttle

2019-05-24 07:05:58 UTC  

look at electric clutches

2019-05-24 07:06:31 UTC  

Hint, Junk yard and air conditioner pump

2019-05-24 07:07:04 UTC  

grab the serpintine belt and idler as well

2019-05-24 07:07:31 UTC  

ok? but i'm not really making a motorcycle, i'm trying to convert a 1950s bike into a beefed up moped really

2019-05-24 07:07:45 UTC  

like those old boardtrack bikes

2019-05-24 07:07:46 UTC  

controls should be same same

2019-05-24 07:08:01 UTC  

ok... again i'm not too familiar

2019-05-24 07:08:18 UTC  

yup easier transition to a big bike

2019-05-24 07:09:22 UTC  

i ran my 70cc moped honda in the a neighbors fence. it had a centrifical clutch

2019-05-24 07:09:32 UTC  

does the clutch work the same as on a car basically?

2019-05-24 07:09:38 UTC  

is it foot operated?

2019-05-24 07:10:04 UTC  

how does it disengage from the engine?

2019-05-24 07:10:04 UTC  

2019-05-24 07:10:23 UTC  

electric on the air conditioner, you can modify a micro switch and a bicyle break lever

2019-05-24 07:10:33 UTC  

just need a battery

2019-05-24 07:11:33 UTC  

do you have a picture that describes this? what does it look like? how would such a setup work on a briggs and stratton flathead?

2019-05-24 07:14:05 UTC  

i'm trying to keep it period correct in mechanical terms

2019-05-24 07:16:26 UTC  

period correct would be the sprag or centrifugal clutch

2019-05-24 07:19:37 UTC  

used on gocarts and minibikes

2019-05-24 07:22:17 UTC  

use a return spring for the throttle to go back to idle

2019-05-24 07:22:35 UTC  

or the clutch will stay locked up

2019-05-24 07:33:14 UTC  

very good views of the throttle and idle screw

2019-05-24 08:01:51 UTC  

what about a briggs and stratton small block vanguard v-twin, it's ohv but its also a bit more compact

2019-05-24 08:01:56 UTC  
2019-05-24 08:02:25 UTC  

plus i can get a cool chrome cover for it

2019-05-24 08:03:56 UTC  

give me a link to the engine