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Refraction alone cant account for measurments of visible objects over vast distances, I’ve done an experiment that showed an island off the coast of Maine on different days, with different atmospheric conditions when it should have been below the curve (I shared my findings on the Metabunk page for the observation of the Allauch mtns from Canigou, which was a great discussion until trolls came in and talked gibberish, before that Metabunk members repeatedly attributed my findings to “refraction” which could not satisfy me as it would have required a Superior Mirage with no distortion or image reversal both of which were not observed…I was consistently viewing a solid image of an island that should have been below the curve from my vantages and the special atmospheric conditions required for Superior Mirage were not in play. Explained: Observations of Canigou, Curvature of the Earth & Atmospheric Refraction).

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Items are being reflected in the earth's atmosphere, just like the ocean.

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Or just like using a periscope.

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But, may I ask you a humble question?

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Why do you believe that the earth is flat?

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That everyone is lying to you?

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Who the bloody heck hurt you?

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Dont worry, you'll get there eventually, just rub the ball outtah your eyes 😄

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That wasn't the question I asked.

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You seen to be avoiding the answer.

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Plus, eyes are technically spheres.

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And I am not gonna rub my eyes out.

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You seem to be pushing your version rather then understanding what observations are 😮

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I asked why do you believe that the earth is flat.

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And, look who is talking, mr "Youre all delusional, go back to your ball watching".

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Its OBSERVED reality, NOT a ballief 🙂

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Bailiff? We are not in court.

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And, again, not answering my question.

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What makes you believe the earth is flat?

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What makes you believe theft everyone is lying to you?

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its just PERSPECTIVE 🙂

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Still not answering, are we?

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Here is an easier question.

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The numbers Logrian, what do they mean?!

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Which do we OBSERVE, the left or right?

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do you belive in the ice wall

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No I don’t

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I may be a moron, but I am not THAT stupid.

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@MBK... مبارك/﷽ Read channel description, this is last warning

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Flat earth fake. But so's the globe.

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Think it over, earth's a torus.

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I'll take my counter arguments now

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@(ey/em) Snowball evidence of claim?

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