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2017-04-27 05:21:10 UTC  

Siege is the end point of your red-pilling

2017-04-27 05:21:14 UTC  


2017-04-27 05:21:34 UTC  

Siege isnt exactly entry level

2017-04-27 05:21:44 UTC  

Get some sleep before your head implodes man

2017-04-27 05:21:57 UTC  


2017-04-27 05:22:06 UTC  

Siege is very divisive I dont really like to talk about it

2017-04-27 05:22:10 UTC  


2017-04-27 05:22:42 UTC  

dunno when i should be vetted but idk

2017-04-27 05:22:47 UTC  

anyways enough of my stupid rambling

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2017-04-27 05:22:57 UTC  

That is my personal pdf library for anyone interested

2017-04-27 05:23:00 UTC  


2017-04-27 05:23:04 UTC  

night bro

2017-04-27 05:23:05 UTC  

Go to sleep and dream of the race war

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2017-04-27 05:23:12 UTC  

why not

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2017-04-27 05:23:31 UTC  

Very aryan

2017-04-27 05:23:49 UTC  

It is harder for me, but I can easily do it

2017-04-27 05:24:12 UTC  

Yeah I prefer books too.

It turns out it's an actual thing, books are way better for absorbing information

2017-04-27 05:24:22 UTC  

Oh I prefer books

2017-04-27 05:24:38 UTC  

If you give me a choice, I'll pick a book

2017-04-27 05:24:39 UTC  

Physical books are great

2017-04-27 05:24:46 UTC  

they make a nice conversation piece

2017-04-27 05:24:59 UTC  

But this is just way easier to spread, and it's cheaper

2017-04-27 05:25:11 UTC  

Nothing like leaving The Turner Diaries out to have something to talk to houseguests about

2017-04-27 05:25:17 UTC  


That's why I'm reading stirner and some commie stuff lately because it's easier to find than stuff like Siege which I'm ordering

2017-04-27 05:25:44 UTC  

I donated Mien Kampf to my school library

2017-04-27 05:25:48 UTC  

I ordered some NS literature on amazon and the vendor sent me a free copy of The Turner Diaries.

2017-04-27 05:25:55 UTC  

you dont have the siege ebook

2017-04-27 05:25:57 UTC  

The only places I can find leftist literature are communist bookstores

2017-04-27 05:26:02 UTC  

which Im not going to patronize

2017-04-27 05:26:04 UTC  

I have the pdf of siege

I'm what you would call a dirty hipster who buys all their stuff second hand