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What sort of person calls another person a nigger unironically in an endearing way

In places like ghettos reading books and getting an education are uncool with the cool kids

If you separated a black family and sent one half into the ghetto and the other half into a decent white community the differences would be dramatic

IQ is not some all encompassing thing that has the final say over your intelligence

The Black coming out of the decent neighbourhood would be much more respectable and well educated while the one in the ghetto would probably just end up as a hood rat or something

Oh the difference between no education (or a bad one) and a decent education is massive

I've got stacks of everything from Carl Mark and Stirner to Mason and Rockwell so shut up about Siege, I'll read it eventually

The thing that I've found is you can't listen to what is directly written in books

It turns out it's an actual thing, books are way better for absorbing information

That's why I'm reading stirner and some commie stuff lately because it's easier to find than stuff like Siege which I'm ordering

I'm what you would call a dirty hipster who buys all their stuff second hand

Unfortunately places prefer to sell fifty shades of grey and throw out actual literature

Part of the reason why I love old books is the perspective, anyone can write about the strength of the powers in 1939 from what they read off Wikipedia

Literally has a forward about the Munich conference because the book was already written when it happened and was ready to print

It has like 50 chapters of all of these different scenarios including Germany vs everyone on all fronts

It's an obscure book but you can get it from Amazon for a few bucks, worth a read if you're into stuff like that

Best Prison gang is either the Juggalos or Skinheads against racial prejudice

SHARP actually sounds like it would be a sort of chill prison gang when you read their Wikipedia page

Trust me because otherwise when things get stressful you're gonna end up procrastinating on here

"You know it's better for you to go face these people alone instead of asking for help, it's only logical"

84 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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