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oh sheit

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le pen gonna win it?

2017-04-22 00:06:58 UTC  

>1st round

2017-04-22 00:07:04 UTC  

well they certainly have a little plan they let it open then after there hs been some banter they prune it , so as not to call them outright fascists

2017-04-22 00:07:33 UTC  

hope so

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hernman pls go elsewhere to not interrupt

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I don't trust any polling. Maybe it would actually be better for le pen to lose. Anger will grow. The attacks won't stop. The approval rating of the army is 90+% while the government <10%

Basically if nothing changes a coup is on the horizon. That'll be followed by heavy handed military presence routing out the social cancer.

The French military and police are very based. The politicians are some of the biggest pussies around

2017-04-22 00:08:18 UTC  

A French military dictatorship would be redpilled as fuck

2017-04-22 00:08:31 UTC  

too much chaos

2017-04-22 00:08:42 UTC  

Is it better to slow burn die?

2017-04-22 00:08:42 UTC  

I'm of the accelerationist persuasion as well, at least in some European countries

2017-04-22 00:09:01 UTC  

civil war ? no

2017-04-22 00:09:02 UTC  

It's chemotherapy

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well the boiling frogs theory actually is wrong

2017-04-22 00:09:16 UTC  

Europe needs true nationalism, not this kiked civic "integrate the muds" shit

2017-04-22 00:09:18 UTC  

no way

2017-04-22 00:09:20 UTC  

frogs jump out of the pot at the first sign of it being too hot

2017-04-22 00:09:39 UTC  

It'll happen one way or another. This set of events has never not happened in history without causing a civil war

2017-04-22 00:09:47 UTC  

Hell its what broke romes back

2017-04-22 00:10:08 UTC  

Battle of adrianople they accepted in thousands of peaceful german refugees fleeing the huns

2017-04-22 00:10:24 UTC  

They couldn't assimilate and govt corruption pissed them off

2017-04-22 00:10:36 UTC  

Shit escalated and you had a horde in romes borders

2017-04-22 00:10:54 UTC  

Then hostile tribes crossed the Danube to join them. Ye olde isis

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look guys thats not serious discussion , i prefer we practically here with mayor and clanton we need squeeze

2017-04-22 00:11:14 UTC  

Then the eastern emperor got himself and his army killed facing them

2017-04-22 00:12:01 UTC  

And the western emperor had to make peace with them. Letting them live in the empire on their terms. Rome became dependent on the Germanic tribes to protect the areas and paid them. When they couldn't pay they sacked Rome

2017-04-22 00:12:34 UTC  

If they had never let in the peaceful horse of Germans who were culturally incompatible they never would've collapsed

2017-04-22 00:12:40 UTC  

Horde *

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Yeah sorry

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I got off topic

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So what's new

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Glitch brought all the data he will tell you whatrs up

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Any info on when the next battle will be?

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i got go back to chan

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anne coulter

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Ann Coulter is speaking

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>april 28th or 29th. Pikesville KY TWP rally