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2020-09-10 06:52:33 UTC  

Presently taking place.

2020-09-10 06:55:03 UTC  

Protest at the ICE building in Portland now.

2020-09-10 07:59:08 UTC  

good episode ^

2020-09-10 07:59:41 UTC  

crazy times we live in lmfao

2020-09-10 08:42:46 UTC

2020-09-10 09:26:16 UTC  


2020-09-10 11:21:15 UTC  

As I said, RT is fck CNN 2.0 sometimes.

2020-09-10 11:21:51 UTC  

wasn't the KKK created by a ✡️

2020-09-10 13:53:56 UTC  

It was, plus, they’re Protestants.

2020-09-10 18:45:07 UTC  

Lol how are they protestants?

2020-09-10 18:47:13 UTC  

Just by the use of the cross as their main symbol you can tell they weren't protestants.

2020-09-10 18:47:26 UTC  

Add to that the crusaders imagery

2020-09-10 18:48:23 UTC  

Plus, they have supported anti-Catholic laws in Latin American countries because well...they are Protestants

2020-09-10 18:49:32 UTC  

Do you want me to read the article?

2020-09-10 18:50:31 UTC  

I understand it’s from a bluepilled source, but it clearly shows that the KKK has Protestant roots

2020-09-10 18:50:57 UTC  


2020-09-10 18:51:10 UTC  

They lost 40% of Their audience because of these protests

2020-09-10 18:51:35 UTC  

Because you didn't answer the question. How are they protestants? I laso noticed that you conveniently ignored the point about the cross as their main symbol and cruzaders imagery. That GOES AGAINST protestantism. @Ęł Sįnãrqūistâ

2020-09-10 18:52:22 UTC  

Four in 10 American adults say their excitement over the NFL season has dimmed for various reasons.

About 36 percent of those surveyed said increased political activism around the league has caused lower enthusiasm. Nineteen percent cite the absence of fans in stadiums, and another 17 percent blame the inability to gather with friends to watch games.

2020-09-10 18:53:15 UTC  

Ima start watching soccer on crip