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2020-09-10 15:24:32 UTC  

it was?

2020-09-10 15:24:32 UTC  

Cancel Netflix

2020-09-10 15:24:36 UTC  

Send it again

2020-09-10 15:24:36 UTC  

I did

2020-09-10 15:24:40 UTC  

Cuties is disgusting and pedo propaganda

2020-09-10 15:24:53 UTC  

I just copy and pasted it from 4chan

2020-09-10 15:24:54 UTC  

Last Temptation of christ is *inaccurate* but like the books, its meant to be. It's intended on being a different version of the gospel intended to teach you the struggle average man has been the spirit and flesh., and the author uses Christ as his maxim.

2020-09-10 15:24:54 UTC  

Or read it again rather

2020-09-10 15:24:58 UTC  

It said 2018

2020-09-10 15:25:04 UTC  

Chad Ripperger

2020-09-10 15:25:08 UTC  


2020-09-10 15:25:09 UTC  

It is considered extremely sacreligious by a lot of folk,

2020-09-10 15:25:14 UTC  

but its intended on being a fictional fable

2020-09-10 15:25:18 UTC  

not an insult to the bible

2020-09-10 15:25:20 UTC

2020-09-10 15:25:29 UTC  

Bishop Barron is good too

2020-09-10 15:25:39 UTC  

At a certain degree

2020-09-10 15:25:41 UTC  

Barron is mixed

2020-09-10 15:25:58 UTC  

@stupid I haven’t seen that movie but one movie that I do not like that depicts Christ is Passion of The Christ

2020-09-10 15:26:24 UTC  

I haven't seen that movie yet

2020-09-10 15:26:29 UTC  

I've heard its a good film

2020-09-10 15:26:30 UTC  

What I don't understand is

2020-09-10 15:26:38 UTC  

Why is he trans, and with a women

2020-09-10 15:26:47 UTC

2020-09-10 15:26:50 UTC  

What is the point of becoming trans and becoming lesbian? It's redundant

2020-09-10 15:26:58 UTC  

And a lot of people say “oh it’s a based movie!” but I do not like it because it depicts the crucifixion of Christ inaccurately and it makes His crucifying a lot more cruel than it actually was and I do not like that because I dislike seeing harm come upon Him

2020-09-10 15:27:09 UTC  

Hey guys

2020-09-10 15:27:10 UTC  

Don't ask

2020-09-10 15:27:15 UTC  

Invest in Netflix stock

2020-09-10 15:27:18 UTC  

So I do not think it’s a good movie

2020-09-10 15:27:26 UTC  

lgbt makes no sense

2020-09-10 15:27:27 UTC  

That choice as to emphasize His suffering in the passion mildew

2020-09-10 15:27:35 UTC  

It's like praying the sorrowful mysteries

2020-09-10 15:27:38 UTC  

Sexual perversion should not be glorified

2020-09-10 15:27:46 UTC  

Christ suffering is not good but we reflect on it

2020-09-10 15:27:53 UTC

2020-09-10 15:28:07 UTC  

It's important to remember the suffering

2020-09-10 15:28:14 UTC  

Pray for the souls of the children on this movie

2020-09-10 15:28:18 UTC  

It's not to degrade Him, rather to artistically represent His suffering

2020-09-10 15:28:28 UTC  

And the people who made it

2020-09-10 15:28:29 UTC  

@ejg I also dislike it because they showed the adhoc trial inaccurately and a lot of people just take away “oh I hate Jews” from that movie as well lol