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2020-09-10 20:52:43 UTC

2020-09-10 20:53:04 UTC  

the papi aesthetic

2020-09-10 20:53:12 UTC  

Imagine only posting just so you can get frontchad

2020-09-10 20:53:15 UTC  

Can’t relate.

2020-09-10 20:53:30 UTC

2020-09-10 20:53:32 UTC  

Papi was so hard core at his early youth im glad he found the guidance to steer him in the right path

2020-09-10 20:53:54 UTC  


2020-09-10 20:53:58 UTC  

Wait that’s legit him?

2020-09-10 20:54:02 UTC  


2020-09-10 20:54:02 UTC  

Please pardon my french but I dislike you@SayberPhantom

2020-09-10 20:54:09 UTC  

Yes thats Papi

2020-09-10 20:54:10 UTC  

Just finished my travis meal

2020-09-10 20:54:13 UTC  

It's lit

2020-09-10 20:54:19 UTC  

who sent you?

2020-09-10 20:54:23 UTC  

Cactus Jack

2020-09-10 20:54:25 UTC  

Who would put pickles on a burger?

2020-09-10 20:54:26 UTC  

Did you get the Kylie Jenner special sauce?@CyBeast

2020-09-10 20:54:28 UTC  

Fucking WHO?

2020-09-10 20:54:38 UTC  

@SayberPhantom Travis Scott

2020-09-10 20:54:44 UTC

2020-09-10 20:55:06 UTC  

The crunch of the pickle just doesn’t fit with the rest of the burger

2020-09-10 20:55:14 UTC  

Maybe pickle juice on it would be better

2020-09-10 20:55:21 UTC  

Drinking ice cold water rn.

Yummy yummy yummy

2020-09-10 20:55:42 UTC  

the pickles and lettuce provide a good contrast to the softer meat, cheese, and bun

2020-09-10 20:55:49 UTC  


2020-09-10 20:56:10 UTC  

It's lit!

2020-09-10 20:56:11 UTC  

it might just be part of my autism tbh

2020-09-10 20:56:18 UTC  

I hate contrasting textures in my food

2020-09-10 20:56:21 UTC  

Whooah, okay there Anton Ego Ego@CyBeast

2020-09-10 20:56:42 UTC  

<:sam:696389842774392852> <:dapper:709548360289353878> <:sam:696389842774392852>

2020-09-10 20:56:58 UTC  

Love the phyrgian melody in Highest in The Room by Travis Scott

2020-09-10 20:57:28 UTC  

(verb) (noun/adjective)

2020-09-10 20:57:43 UTC  

Had a dream that I went to planned parenthood to renew my medical insurance and I met Sam Hyde there and I adked him for a selfie and he took two selfies with me and then we told a Hispanic woman to get out of America and it was based and it was lit and I enjoyed it.

2020-09-10 20:58:04 UTC  

Wish I had those kinds of dreams

2020-09-10 20:58:14 UTC  

It was a good dream.

2020-09-10 20:58:20 UTC  

Very positive and wholesome

2020-09-10 20:58:35 UTC  

Sam Hyde was a nice guy in person. Very relatable and down to earth

2020-09-10 20:58:40 UTC