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2017-04-17 03:37:45 UTC

2017-04-17 03:38:01 UTC  

we need to obliterate these edgy people who laugh at aborted children

2017-04-17 03:38:05 UTC  


2017-04-17 03:38:10 UTC  

my feels

2017-04-17 03:38:11 UTC  

they hurt

2017-04-17 03:38:16 UTC  

autism speaks

2017-04-17 03:38:22 UTC  

says you lol

2017-04-17 03:38:23 UTC  

the cops should send him to chicago

2017-04-17 03:38:24 UTC  

Oy vey shut it down

2017-04-17 03:38:32 UTC  


2017-04-17 03:38:33 UTC

2017-04-17 03:38:44 UTC  

frig the heck off

2017-04-17 03:38:49 UTC  

Frig off Barb

2017-04-17 03:39:08 UTC  

let the nog shoot all the chicago nogs and life will be that much better and safer

2017-04-17 03:39:13 UTC  


2017-04-17 03:39:13 UTC  

nigs n spics suck dick

2017-04-17 03:39:15 UTC  

Any PUBG players here?

2017-04-17 03:39:25 UTC  

bogpill was forced

2017-04-17 03:39:29 UTC  

make america great again by instituting the purge

2017-04-17 03:39:34 UTC  


2017-04-17 03:39:38 UTC  

That's mostly why bogpill was pretty shit

2017-04-17 03:39:44 UTC  

>build wall around chiraq

2017-04-17 03:39:52 UTC  

that bog stuff started on reddit

2017-04-17 03:39:59 UTC  

>let them shoot themselves until empty

2017-04-17 03:40:05 UTC  

it was some rusky faggot who spammed it every day on pol

2017-04-17 03:40:12 UTC  

Hey, I'm not too educated on the Bodganoffs

2017-04-17 03:40:19 UTC  

reddit faggots just caught on because "well memed my friend XDDD"

2017-04-17 03:40:20 UTC  

Can someone give me a quick rundown?

2017-04-17 03:40:25 UTC  

Somebody give me the basic gestalt on this guy

2017-04-17 03:41:01 UTC  

if you look up the Bodganoffs it started up on reddit in 2013

2017-04-17 03:41:03 UTC  

Sorry for saying the "n" word guys

2017-04-17 03:41:11 UTC  

we need one million mcarthy's

2017-04-17 03:41:16 UTC  

reddit memes

2017-04-17 03:41:25 UTC  


2017-04-17 03:41:37 UTC  

Nigger nigger chicken dinner

2017-04-17 03:41:44 UTC  

Nobody cares

2017-04-17 03:42:10 UTC  

turn on text to speech shit is hilarious

2017-04-17 03:42:15 UTC  

Don't worry, I won't say any racial slurs ever again! I fight for muh fellow Americans regardless of race, colour or creed

2017-04-17 03:42:22 UTC  

@here post rare awoos

2017-04-17 03:42:23 UTC  

>bargdoinlough ran face first into a brick wall
>The bargdoinloughs rule autististan with a lanky, gay fist
> The bargdoinloughs own all of the gene therapy labs around the world in an attempt to spread their cancerous autism as far as possible
>All future children will be born with Bargdoinloughs autism
>The first city on mars will be owned by Bargdoinloughs

2017-04-17 03:42:35 UTC