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2018-09-02 16:44:22 UTC  

@Doctor Anon Slavs aren't a race though.

2018-09-02 17:45:58 UTC  

I mean Slavs are an Ethnic group. And ethnic groups are seen as sub-races. So maybe that will help with clarification...

2018-09-02 17:50:55 UTC  

@Deleted User Slavs are a race

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That's the most informative infographic I've ever seen in that it really shows the history of the 20th century

2018-09-03 17:26:08 UTC  

Depends how we define race, is it by skin color alone or other morphological features and size?

2018-09-03 17:26:31 UTC  

if that is the case then well you could make arguments for more races.

2018-09-03 17:27:00 UTC  

Also that slav thing with hitler quote is as far as I know untrue, however its not hidden that nazi germany wasnt fond of slavs.

2018-09-03 17:27:49 UTC  

Generalyl speaking as far as history goes us slavs are very strange, however IMo what makes us white along the white race is that we are native to europe rather than being a migrant force like some theories try to paint us as.

2018-09-03 21:02:06 UTC  

I mean

2018-09-03 21:02:19 UTC  

iirc, weren't a lot of "white" ethnicities not really native to where they're from?

2018-09-03 21:02:22 UTC  

I mean, take the brits

2018-09-03 21:02:46 UTC  

there were the original indo-europeans, followed by the bretons/birtons, followed by anglo-saxons, followed by normans

2018-09-03 21:03:18 UTC  

I mean, regardless, it's kinda idiotic to rule based upon race

2018-09-03 21:03:29 UTC  

considering how big such demographics are

2018-09-03 21:03:55 UTC  

it's be inefficient, and also, needless to say, rather immoral

2018-09-03 21:05:49 UTC  

I mean not necessarily, there are massive issues with the migration theories. Now china has the oldest remains of proto humans or humans

2018-09-03 21:06:01 UTC  

so now we might be seeing an into africa theory out of asia theory

2018-09-03 21:06:24 UTC  

when it is possible, that humans are the result of prallel evolution however the chance is fucking miniscule

2018-09-03 21:07:21 UTC  

(I mean the romans were interacting with northern ethnicities quite regularly I can see an argument for germanic tribal expansion up north into scandinavia and the saxon expansion and alnglo expansion, however they expanded into celtic land.

2018-09-03 21:07:44 UTC  

which means where did the celts come from, where did hte slavs come from and then some other ethnicities remain a mystery (also the balts are strange

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Shut the fuck up

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@Deleted User can you revoke invites

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were losing too many members from this raid, the partnership loss would be worth it

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what the fuck happened

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Raiders *

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ah, makes sense. idk maybe it would be possible to incorporate an anti spam bot that mutes a person for 5 min and messages someone about them?

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tha tis unless this is alreayd incorporated

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Slavs have been fighting off the Muslim hoards. Tough people.

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**holy shit benito reincarnated into trump**

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Strong man politics

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Tfw you realize Trump was born a year after Mussolini died

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Also, Mussolini was the original "strike me down and i will become more powerful than you can ever imagine"