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2018-09-04 04:48:30 UTC  

I think whoever the designer is probably is long gone or didn't stick around

2018-09-04 04:54:20 UTC  

I believe that GOD did want to be known, and HE has made it evident that HE exists and has expressed HIS Love to the World as JESUS CHRIST! We are wired to worship and have faith. The problem is all to often humanity worships and believes in the creation rather than the Creator.

2018-09-04 04:57:13 UTC  

Sure sure

2018-09-04 04:57:16 UTC  

Jesus Christ

2018-09-04 05:00:59 UTC  

Look, I get it, we have, at least in America heard some sort of rendition. The problem is, the truth about JESUS has been so distorted. I played a "religion" game for many years.

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2018-09-04 05:04:05 UTC  

@Soldz (CF) Curious, have you awakened to any of the "Conspiracies" about the World we live in? GODs Word says we do not wrestle against flesh and blood......

2018-09-04 05:04:09 UTC

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What didnt you get from me saying that I think the bible is bullcrap

2018-09-04 05:07:22 UTC  

@Soldz (CF) be respectful plz

2018-09-04 05:07:45 UTC  

Explain what you mean

2018-09-04 05:08:37 UTC  

@Citizen Z Thanks mein

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2018-09-04 05:10:09 UTC  

Let me rephrase

2018-09-04 05:10:25 UTC  

@Soldz (CF) Still curious as to wether you have seen the darkness going on in the World, the lies etc.......

2018-09-04 05:10:31 UTC  

What do you mean by conspiracies

2018-09-04 05:11:16 UTC  

@Soldz (CF) lets keep on this topic. Im interested to hear your beliefs and opinions

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2018-09-04 05:11:50 UTC  

Let'st talk about the bible

2018-09-04 05:11:58 UTC  

Why do you believe anything it says

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2018-09-04 05:13:19 UTC  

its the word of God. It gives us morals and stories to learn from

2018-09-04 05:14:49 UTC  

I dont need a book to give me morals

2018-09-04 05:16:12 UTC  

Have you ever read any of it?

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2018-09-04 05:18:35 UTC  

My parents are christian

2018-09-04 05:21:35 UTC  

Why do you think it is bs?

2018-09-04 05:22:14 UTC  

What if I showed you evidence of stories from the bible?

2018-09-04 05:22:39 UTC  

No cursing remember

2018-09-04 05:22:59 UTC  

True. Ty

2018-09-04 05:23:17 UTC  

If you should evidence

2018-09-04 05:23:21 UTC  

I would love to see it

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2018-09-04 05:23:31 UTC  

Ok let me get some

2018-09-04 05:24:01 UTC  

I believe the Word to be absolute Truth!

2018-09-04 05:24:35 UTC  

More to come one sec

2018-09-04 05:26:54 UTC  

It’s from the ruins of ghomorrah.

2018-09-04 05:27:12 UTC  

The walls were a limestone concrete. They were heated to a point where they’re were baked into calcium phosphate.

2018-09-04 05:27:29 UTC  

And there’s no volcanic activity there.