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It’s retarded

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Excuse me , not my conversation , but i must say , @Explain_It_Kakyion , you're lost , because you were never on the right page , as the big boss upstairs once told me , " if their under 30 yrs old , they are a liability , i don't even want them walking into the farm yard

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@Gibble , show some respect to your knowledgable elders

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This quote on quote "discussion" seems quite one sided

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I'm obsessed with vaccines

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not all of them are dangerous, but everyone should still beware of faulty vaccines

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yeah those are the 1/300000 type vaccines that may cause a seizure at worst, the risks are weighed up against the benefits. if the side effects of drug X in 1 in 10 vomiting for a cold that's unacceptable but for a cancer treatment that's acceptable bc it's designed to save ur life not stop a headache or smth

2019-03-16 19:41:56 UTC  

btw, it could be an belitteling you could do. Long term effects haven't been studied

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first of, higher levels of aluminum have been found in the brain of autistics (lab test method: GF-AAS)

2019-03-16 19:45:43 UTC  

and more in the brains of those with MS

2019-03-16 19:46:04 UTC  

now that may be true but have u considered how when a chemical is excess to the body we tend to excrete it? so when excess aluminium compounds enter the body above what your body considers normal it will excrete it

2019-03-16 19:46:07 UTC  

the substance causes an immune response that includes IL-6

2019-03-16 19:46:20 UTC  

depends on how you inject it too

2019-03-16 19:46:34 UTC  

if injected into venes, could be likely, but mostly it's injected intramuscular

2019-03-16 19:47:29 UTC  

on excretion, this can be increased when consuming more orthosilicic acid, which forms complexes with aluminum

2019-03-16 19:48:13 UTC  

therefore if you are not autistic then ur body will excrete the aluminium compounds. idk a whole lot about injection methods but i do have a reasonable understanding of transfer of materials and mechanics of the body. so when it enters the muscle it will be processed by the cells. that aluminium has a good chance of being broken down for a more useful compound so will then treat the excess as waste and therefore excrete it

2019-03-16 19:49:11 UTC  

il-6 as in interleukin 6? i could've sworn that's a gene not a response or substance

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or is it a protein?

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Il-6 is a cytokine

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just like Il-1 and Il-17

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ah ok yeah causing inflamation right?

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not to mention this publication

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is that peer reviewed?

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how do i spea

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ok let me give it a quick look

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here's another study to read

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so IL-6 is involved in a lot of mental conditions or conditions in the CNS?

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yeah that was meant to be an and mb

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I think AHCC would be safer in general, since that's not occuring in the form of nanoparticles like aluminum hydroxide or aluminum phosphate would, yet still has adjuvant activity

2019-03-16 19:57:30 UTC  

this study has some indication on that, which should be further researched

2019-03-16 19:58:40 UTC  

so yeah there's definitely an argument for that but when taking things from organic sources and then putting them into another organism's muscle tissues or bloodstream can have undesired consequences due to the nature of organic compounds but i would also argue that it may be more expensive than the aluminium compounds used and from what i'm aware of will carry more risk of being synthesised into an undesired compounds

2019-03-16 19:58:41 UTC  

furthermore there's no neurological adverse reaction reported