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ok let me give it a quick look

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here's another study to read

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so IL-6 is involved in a lot of mental conditions or conditions in the CNS?

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yeah that was meant to be an and mb

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I think AHCC would be safer in general, since that's not occuring in the form of nanoparticles like aluminum hydroxide or aluminum phosphate would, yet still has adjuvant activity

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this study has some indication on that, which should be further researched

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so yeah there's definitely an argument for that but when taking things from organic sources and then putting them into another organism's muscle tissues or bloodstream can have undesired consequences due to the nature of organic compounds but i would also argue that it may be more expensive than the aluminium compounds used and from what i'm aware of will carry more risk of being synthesised into an undesired compounds

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furthermore there's no neurological adverse reaction reported

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there may not be a neurological effect to the injections but it might prolong responses at the site of injection

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depends on what happens to the aluminum, but a mechanism behind this could also be going through the lymphatic system, not just the bloodstream

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by first getting 'eaten' by macrophages, that then go into the lymphatic system. If these macrophages brake down in that system, the aluminum nanoparticles are released and can go to the brain

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thus causing the same immunostimulation in the brain, which is unintentional

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one of my teachers did part of his degree in natural sciences (basically u choose the courses from all fields) and one of his fields was organic compounds to inorganic synthesis and that includes both directions of synthesis and with the use of aluminium there is much less risk of synthesis producing an undesired compound whether it is inorganic or organic than using an organic compound

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yeah i get where you're coming from and there are advantages to ur idea but as i've mentioned using organic compounds can still carry risks of unintended synthesis

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that's understandable, where I've got another idea to find a safer way to get the intended compound

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through extracting the AHCC from shiitake mushrooms

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ok so fair enough but it's still an organic compound so still runs the risk of having unintended consequences which may make the vaccines unviable due to there being too greater risk for what is being vaccinated against

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do you also believe the US has excess vaccines?

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furthermore, organic compounds, even synthetic organic compounds have been injected in patients with other conditions. For instance, you have a nurse injecting haldol in a schizophrenia patient

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i'm not entirely sure about excess vaccines bc idk how long they can be stored and in what conditions they need to be stored in as that's not where my knowledge lies. when i say synthesis i mean your body reacting the compounds to create new compounds (synthesis literally meaning creation/creation of)

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you can compare the US vaccine schedule to Iceland's vaccine schedule

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the US has most vaccines in schedule compared to other nations

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ah right yeah that would make sense tbh as it is one of the largest HICs if not the largest

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in my nation, nearly half of the nurses don't take the flu shot LOL

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yeah u can usually rely on herd immunisation tbf

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happens always with flu, natural immunisation

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there's however a difference between natural immunisation and vaccination about the antibodies and which parts of the immune system are involved

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getting the flu is worth more than a flu shot

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yeah true but also note that the flu is a good way to get off of work if u would get sick pay and it's unlikely to kill u anyway

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i don't take the flu shot either

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ngl you should def take vaccine if you dont want to be fucked

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my parents where anti vax and i ended up getting blood tetanus

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to that, I would say that some vaccines are necessary

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so unless your wanna experince worse pain in your life for months on end