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I'd like to start seriously debating what, why, and how we can explore extra sensory perceptions, the life styles, mindsets and communities best for such progressions, and what materialistic things may be needed.

Personally I’m hoping to build a series of log cabins, close to open seas/rivers leading to the sea; along with a houseboat. With hopes of farming/fishing for most my food while slowly building up a small economy/trade based community. Ideally I want provide people the opportunity to explore spirituality without dogma; giving them a place and purpose to work/relax as they explore reality.

With my background in Electro-mechanical engineering and robotics/computer programing and experience in carpentry and the labour feild. I hope to automate much of the day to day work over time, and ideally market this “place” in 3 tiers. The labour force who work on expanding the community; Caretakers who provide support during sessions; Explorers who take substances etc for spiritual progression. “Most” people will ideally spend time in at least 2 of the 3 roles, but the hopes are to collectively harness these divine gifts and explore/expand our capabilities while providing a growing community to support more.

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Mr. J!

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oh boy

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By God, you’re alive

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😉 not yet, i'm spiriutaly dead but growing closer

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Keep on keeping on

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😄 i'm working again so progress within this matrix is coming along

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Cause this type of thing never ends well

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so who's up to collectibly rent out a house/fishing boat and sail around the south pole to "see" how small it is?

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only thing is, we gotta bring a shit load of shrooms

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J, these types of communities have been done a lot. There are a few problems. The biggest is keeping the population stable

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I can totally eat shrooms. If you need someone to eat them....

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It usually last for 1 generation

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😉 that i will @Sparkles after all its no fun tripping by your self

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And I'm a pretty great fisherman, but a girl.

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well @DrPeper the thing is i'm not starting this thing as a stay for life kinda thing, mostly just renting out places for people to spend vacations, and offering some services if they so wish.

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Sounds pretty great to me.

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Excuse me, Your vessel is pathetic

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😄 well unless we get another greyson event (server closing) i'll be here along the way till the day and beyond its coming into reality

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Still have a similar problem of getting people for the community to work

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I will bring an Icebreaker and a crew of 5 Filipino Mercenaries

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Together we will accomplish the unthinkable.

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😹 as long as one of them dosen't mind helping me cook I'd love to

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I mean, maybe

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I have 5 kids that do almost anything I say. Just let them play fortnite when they have free time.

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I don’t really know the culinary capabilities of Filipino Mercenaries

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This is why you always learn how to cook

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sparkles, f.e/g.e/otf?

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So you don't get hungry Philipino mercenaries

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I'm totally off.

2018-08-31 20:17:32 UTC  

On the fence

2018-08-31 20:17:33 UTC  

undecided/on the fence

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Excuse me it’s Filipino with a capital “f”