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Im guessing that lad is banned?

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No he left

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Its not logical for hard working ppl to not want to give their money awak in taxation?

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why are they not bullshit?

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Justify your point

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You are trying to elude the topic of how your belief system was created

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Why are they?

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Maybe if you spent your own time trying to prove your belief system, you might get some answers you're looking for

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Astronauts put a retroreflector on the moon so anyone with a high powered laser could shoot it at the retroreflector would have the laser bounce back to earth.
Pretty sure it still stands on the moon to this day.

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There is different types of eclipses. First, solar eclipses, I think it is the moon blocking the sun, which I believe could be possible no matter the earths shape. Some eastern cultures believe it's another dark body like Rahu that is blocking the sun and that the moon is actually behind the sun. 2 reasons for this. 1. They believe there should be earth shine reflecting from the earth back to the moon and so we should be able to see the moons face, but we don't. 2. If it was the moon blocking the sun then the edge of the moon they believed would show as rough with craters and mountains but to them was smooth with no rough edges. Next, lunar eclipses, I've not been able to explain really without speculating myself. I've seen some interesting things about them. The shape of the shadow varying is interesting as it's not always as curved as they say it is from what I've looked at. Before people scoff at this line of questioning about lunar eclipses they should take into account that all eclipses have been predicted before the globe model was invented.

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The theory of a round earth is based off the fact that the moon has a curved shadow on it and we can't see the sun so it was assumed that it was the earth that was casting the shadow. The issue with that is that there is what is called Selenelion eclipse, which is when the observer can see the sun and the moon in the sky above the horizon at the same time, which means its impossible for the earth to be casting the shadow onto the moon, also the shadow is seen coming from the top down, which is weird because the observer would assume the shadow should be coming from the bottom. The color of the lunar eclipes turning red is very odd, considering the earth has a bright blue aura. It's thought the light scatters to a red color but if thats true then the moon should get a blue aura, then red, then blue again as it passed through earths shadow, but we only see the change from normal moon colors then to red.

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U asked about eclipses

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No one is exactly sure. As no one has ever seen the moon approach or leave the sun

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Have you heard of the saros cycles

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NASA used this old method to predict eclipses

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Hows it possible for Polaris to stay perfectly above the north pole if we are tilted and spinning on an axis and orbiting the sun.

its not


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The game is rigged with this matrix

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The deceivers point to evolution and a ball earth because they are atheist or lucifarians

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90 degrees minus 23.4 tilt = 66.6

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isnt polaris in line with the earth's rotation

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The most likely explanation is that they both rotate at similar relative speeds.

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Polaris sits as our north star and hasnt moved from that spot. How is it it possible that it never moves for thousands of years if the earth is hurtling through space

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Earth is just water and clouds