Message from Citizen Z in The Ice Wall #flat-earth

2018-11-21 23:37:39 UTC  

20. No one knows what is further than the ice shelves other than what we have been told.
21. No.

2018-11-21 23:37:47 UTC  

22. Think of your Z axis, a line out from your eyes in any direction. And so if the sun were on our eye line, it would go away from you like a train and it would shrink shrink shrink, but its not on our eye line, the sun on a Flat Earth moves parallel to the ground so therefore it moves perpendicular to your eye line. So as it's going over you, it's not going to shrink. Eventually because of the gradiant slope the observer is looking from, the Sun starts to disappear from the bottom up till it is gone. all the light melds with the surrounding surface and the angular resolution of the eye or lens (they work the same) will begin to lose the object (in this case the sun) until it is unresolvable

2018-11-21 23:37:48 UTC  

23. yes

2018-11-21 23:38:46 UTC  

24. Time calculator

2018-11-21 23:38:55 UTC  

25. Not exactly sure. But think about this. Zoom in on a building 5 miles away and then compare that to zooming in on the moon. Then think about how far the moon is.

2018-11-21 23:38:58 UTC  

26. Humans always want to know the most difficult questions. The most difficult questions are where did we come from? Who made us and our home? What exactly do we live on? How does it work?

2018-11-21 23:49:26 UTC  

1. All pictures of the earth from space are admitted fake.
2. We're able to see objects such as land, buildings, boats that are supposed to be behind the "curve ".
3. NASA and Obama says we can't leave low earth orbit.
4. The North Star never moves and the constellations have never changed ever.
5. Weather balloon footage and footage from airplanes show the horizon to be flat and always at eye level.
6. All of the astroNOTS that supposedly landed on the moon would not swear on the Bible.
7. Water is always level and it makes up 70% of our earth.
8. NASA gets $50,000,000 a day.
9. Operation Paperclip nazi Germany helped form NASA.
10. The heliocentric model was created by freemasonic devil worshippers.
11. Air bubbles viewed in "space".
12. AstroNOT almost drowning in "space".
13. Scuba tank viewed in "space".
14. Density and buoyancy no magic gravity.
15. Gravity strong enough to hold the oceans to the earth yet birds and planes fly with ease.
16. GoPro lenses used to fake the "curve" of earth.
17. No observable proof of evolution.
18. Sun rays come down in angles and not parallel.
19. Moon light is always colder then moon shade.
20. Super zoom cameras show that boats do not go over any curve.

2018-11-21 23:49:28 UTC  

21. Neil Degrasse Tyson says the earth is pear shaped.
22. NASA caught faking a photo of the earth on the way too the moon.
23. More than one light source during the moon landings.
24. The UN flag is a flat earth map.
25. It took Captain Cook 3 years and 60,000 miles to circumnavigate Antarctica.
26. Underground cables and ground based towers used for our communication.
27. Flight paths only make sense on a flat earth.
28. All but one challenger passengers are still alive today.
29. NASA caught using green screens.
30. No 24 hour live feed of the earth from space.
31. No actual photos of satellites in space.
32. Lighthouses
33. Sun dogs
34. Antarctica treaty
35. Admiral Byrd said that there is more land.
36. The Michelson–Morley experiment proved the earth is stationary.
37. Auguste Piccard the first man to reach the stratosphere said the earth is a flat disk upturned at the edges.
38. The sun and the moon in the sky at the same time.
39. Rockets never go straight up.
40. Bedford level experiment.
41. Tesla's real scientific findings.
42. Our own senses tell us that the earth is flat and stationary.
43. The sun and moon appear to be the same size.
44. The globe model was created 500 years before NASA.
45. No one has ever circumnavigated the earth from north to south only east and west.
46. Sun dials.
47. All the "space" agencies across the land share the same vector logo.
48. Gyroscopes.
49. Astrolabes.
50. No parallax with the stars.
51. Time lapse shows the stars makings perfect circuits around the North Star.
52. Bolivian salt flats.
53. Sun appears smaller near the horizon.
54. We only see one side of the moon.
55. Railroads.
56. Air planes fly level and don't account for the curve.
57. We've only been able to dig 8 miles into the earth yet they say we have a molten core.
58. The top of the moon being illuminated during a eclipse.
59. Stars visible thru the moon.

2018-11-21 23:49:29 UTC  

60. Faked videos of 24 hour sun in Antarctica.
61. Uranus smells like farts.
62. Antikythera Mechanism
63. Submarine parascope
64. Earth Shape changes because of climate change.
65. Operation Fishbowl
66. Operation Deepfreeze
67. Operation Highjump
68. Project Paperclip
69. Radar waves.
70. The shadow of Mt. Everest has straight lines and does not curve.
71. Millions of brainwashed people think they have seen curvature.
72. Kansas is measured as 'damn Flat".
73. Pre Seismic wave data from the kola super deep borehole.
74. No demonstration of precision maneuvers in a vacuum chamber here on earth.
75. Beams found behind hubble sts 82 video.
76. Mars lizard
77. Tamarack Mines plum Bob experiment.
78. Earth warps in official ISS video.
79. Moths in space
80. World record long distance photography.
81. Airys Success
82. Redbull jump. Texas is HUGE, Fisheye lens.
83. Satelloons (project echo)
84. USGS says if uplift didn't take place, earths surface would be reduced to a single flat plane from erosion.
85. Disney and NASA collaboration.

2018-11-21 23:49:31 UTC  

86. Von Brauns headstone.
87. Pluto on Pluto
88. Orions Belt lined up with the pyramids for over 4500 years.
89. We see the big dipper year round.
90. Amateur footage of planets and stars.
91. Geostationary balloon satellites & High altitude platform systems.
92. The Abyssal plains cover more than 50% of the Earth’s surface. They are among the flattest, smoothest and least explored regions.
93. Angular Resolution
94. Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge in China
95. Heliocentric Masonic math
96. LIGO
97. Kubrick & NASA collaboration
98. NASA demonstrates storms rotating both directions north of equator during 2017 hurricane season.
99. Corrected fisheye lens footage from high altitude shows a flat horizon
100. Slinkies
101. Railguns
102. Helicopters
103. Selenelion Eclipse
104. Freemason Buzz Aldrin photographed on earth infront of the same hills shown from the Apollo mission.
105. People lie about coriolis effect in equador.
106. Electromagnetic field locking (explains levitation)
107. The blatant disregard for life during Apollo. (Performing stunts in a vacuum?)
108. Light (day) and dark (night) at the same time.
109. Light doesn't travel infinite.110. Bad somersaults on the ISS
111. Lost starman (can connect wireless communication to lunar landing party but lose a supposed car next to earth?)
112. NASA demonstrates north/south terminator lines. We can observe east/west terminator lines.
113. Heavy oil fuel bans
114. The military created Artificial Radiation Belts.
115. Seasons do not make sense on a globe.
116. We dont notice the eotvos effect when driving across America in either direction.

2018-11-21 23:49:32 UTC  

117. The supposed west to east 1000mph rotation of the ball earth does not effect the Narmada river in India, which flows AGAINST the assumed sphere earths assumed rotation.
118. All ancient cosmologies depicted the earth with a level surface and a firmament.
119. The bible says repeatedly the Earth is geocentric, stationary and enclosed in a solid dome structure called the firmament.
120. The difference in biodiversity from the Arctic and Antarctic
121. Angles of Parallax exist only in the minds of the observers; they are due to instrumental and personal errors.
122. Tycho Brahes death and the multiple times his body was exhumed.
123. Cosmic microwave background radiation
124. Submarines do not account for curve.
125. Flat Earth facts are strong and are backed by empirical observation.
126. The Gleasons map explains timezones for a Flat Earth.
127. CGI was created before apollo
128. From the Apollo photography, the landscape on the moon is not continuous, but with clear lines of separation.
129. Rob Skibas experiment of Atmospheric Lensing.
130. Cavendish experiment does not prove the official theory of universal gravity.
131. Gravity is not the same everywhere on earths surface.
132. Gravity is missing in the Hudson bay.
133. CERN omits gravity.
134. Copernicus measured the sun to be 3,391,000 miles and thought Jupiter was second farthest from the sun.
135. Eratosthenes sticks myth is the worst globe proof ever.
136. Globe believers have more imaginary theories than they even realize. dark matter, dark energy, black holes, singularities, event horizons, wimps, mond, machos, neutron stars, gravitational collapse, gravitons, gravity waves, quantum gravity, inward pulling gravity, gravitational lensing, gravitational constant, schwarzchild radius, gravitational radiation, frame dragging, general relativity, anti-gravity, virtual gravitons, quantum field theory to name just a few, are in fact false and mythical.

2018-11-21 23:49:34 UTC  

137. Amphidromic points
138. lucifer Telescope
139. Disregarding gravity being able to hold everything down while we travel thru an infinite vacuum at high speeds. Half the speed Haleys Comet supposedly goes. If haleys comet goes 157k mph and we go 66k. (Just one motion) why no earth tail?
140. In experimentation, GE cannot create a high pressure system connected to a low pressure system without a solid barrier separating the two.
141. Solar Analemma is wider in the south.
142. Globe trolls think video games prove a spherical Earth.
143. Neil degrass tyson says that you cannot see earths curvature.
144. The red bull jump shows the horizon does not drop with altitude.
145. Virtual and augmented reality.
146. Pole to pole 2018 flight scam.
147. The narmada river is over 800 miles long, it goes from approx 3000 ft elevation down to sea level and runs against the supposed east west rotation of the earth. Why does it never reverse course?
148. The human eye. Gradiant slope. Optical slant and airy disks. What do they have in common? They confuse confused globies who dont understand how light works.
149. The analemma golden ratio
150. NASA says the flat earth model is more desirable than the complex spherical earth model.

2018-11-22 00:20:52 UTC  

151. Moon casts a 280+ KM reflection in a straight line.

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@Citizen Z Damn thanks again

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ISPRS Istanbul Workshop 2010 on Modeling of optical airborne and spaceborne Sensors, WG I/4, Oct. 11-13, IAPRS Vol. XXXVIII-1/W17.

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Look at the clouds

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Globies you dont actually believe that right?

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What's that from?

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Gemini first space walk

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You think they fired retro rockets while they were orbiting during a space walk to change the trajectory of the the craft?

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They would of had to according to the cloud movements there