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2018-12-22 21:22:52 UTC  

Yeah we'd need some sort of atmosphere surrounding the earth for that

2018-12-22 21:23:09 UTC  

Atmosphere would be sucked away

2018-12-22 21:23:31 UTC  

Unless gravity exists, but it doesn't

2018-12-22 21:23:41 UTC  

Gravity is a myth

2018-12-22 21:26:25 UTC  

If there is a ceiling, and there is a vacuum on the other side, would poking a hole in the ceiling kill everyone?

2018-12-22 21:26:53 UTC  


2018-12-22 21:27:22 UTC  

Gravity wouldnt prevent the atmosphere from being sucked away

2018-12-22 21:28:47 UTC  

You think the little force of us being pulled to earth is enough to fight the vacuum of space

2018-12-22 21:29:11 UTC  

The globe model is a bunch of bs

2018-12-22 21:32:33 UTC  

Ok hun fair enough

2018-12-22 21:33:06 UTC  

So why does air get thinner as you gain altitude?

2018-12-22 21:35:24 UTC  

Also if the earth was flat, wouldn't we have a similar problem with the oxygen falling off the edge?

2018-12-22 21:36:16 UTC  

Or does gravity just go the other way on the other side?

2018-12-22 21:47:01 UTC  

That would make sense.

2018-12-22 21:47:33 UTC  

How would it get back, then

2018-12-22 21:49:46 UTC  


2018-12-22 21:50:24 UTC  

It's a mystery

2018-12-22 21:50:52 UTC  

But my model is a bunch of bs so I guess I shouldn't be talking.

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2018-12-22 22:44:47 UTC  

You humor me

2018-12-22 22:45:51 UTC  

To be clear though space itself isn't a vacuum. Spacecrafts and the like are pressurized and filled with air. Space is relatively empty, which makes for extremely low pressure. This is what causes space to act like a vacuum. It's not constantly sucking.

2018-12-22 22:46:29 UTC  

What edge?

2018-12-22 22:46:43 UTC  

I know what space is *suppose* to be

2018-12-22 22:47:18 UTC  

If earth was a ball the air would fall off the sides and bottom

2018-12-22 22:47:28 UTC  


2018-12-22 22:47:37 UTC  

What lol

2018-12-22 22:47:50 UTC  

Gravity doesn't just go one way

2018-12-22 22:48:05 UTC  

You never proved gravity

2018-12-22 22:48:27 UTC  

I thought you believed in it

2018-12-22 22:49:57 UTC  

My bad

2018-12-22 22:52:07 UTC  

So how can you explain the whole not floating away phenomenon?

2018-12-22 22:53:01 UTC  

Also I just figured there's an edge since it's flat

2018-12-22 22:53:17 UTC  

Not sure how it wouldn't have one.

2018-12-22 22:53:34 UTC  

It doesn't just go on forever, after all.

2018-12-22 22:56:16 UTC  

Thats true but the edge is non-existent until we find it which I doubt we will

2018-12-22 22:57:21 UTC  

There can't be a finite flat plane without an edge, hun.

2018-12-22 22:58:06 UTC  

The world isnt infinite to my knowledge

2018-12-22 22:58:19 UTC  

Ah ok

2018-12-22 22:59:35 UTC  


2018-12-22 23:01:35 UTC  

Where does all the oxygen come from, then?

2018-12-22 23:04:40 UTC  

Either an infinite supply is coming from somewhere or it finds its way back after falling off the world's edge.