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Spherists claim that the coriolis effect influences the trajectory of bullets due to the supposed spin of the earth. But this has an obvious problem. If the ground rotates beneath a bullet, why doesn't it rotate beneath you when you jump? Or a helicopter for that matter? Why cant planes flying west reach their destination sooner as the earth rotates beneath them?

Military snipers are not taught coriolis or are they? Can anyone show a handbook teaching this? Isn't it about Barrel design and drift and other factors? No two bullets ever take the same path at those distances, right?

Trying to prove the Earth is a sphere at 24901 miles in circumference & spinning at over 1000 miles per hour by putting your head in the toilet and seeing what way it rotates is not science.
The shape of the container and the direction at which the water entered the container determines the direction of rotation.

NASA has demonstrated during the 2017 hurricane season storms rotating in opposite directions in the northern hemisphere the storms coming off the North African Coast for example 

Whirlpool spin opposite direction:

This mathematician debunked it:

Military Handbook

2017 hurricane season NASA

Coriolis Experiment

Two videos showing people being decieved about at the equator about the coriolis effect.
Original Video
Coriolis Experiment debunked:


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Curv calc

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Eratosthenes experiments explained for a flat earth.

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Kola super deep borehole. What's underneath the earth? THEY DONT KNOW!

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Distortion at high altitude from temperatures, pressure changes as well as distorted views from passenger windows and cockpit windows.

ISPRS Istanbul Workshop 2010 on Modeling of optical airborne and spaceborne Sensors, WG I/4, Oct. 11-13, IAPRS Vol. XXXVIII-1/W17.

80k feet

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Himawari8 stitch lines and Australia color/shape comparison to Google earth.

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