Message from The pizza in The Ice Wall #civil-debate

2019-04-06 04:06:52 UTC  

I was very into Buddhism and Hinduism before

2019-04-06 04:07:31 UTC  

At one point

2019-04-06 04:07:46 UTC  

And I don't judge or condemn anyone who belongs to another religion

2019-04-06 04:08:35 UTC  

Just saying there demons! which i do think is a attack on that religion...

2019-04-06 04:08:48 UTC  

But from a Christian perspective there is only one God and by definition any other God must be a demon or not exist. I realize that isn't politically correct but there is no other way to see it from a Christian view. Doesn't mean anyone who worships that is bad person

2019-04-06 04:09:15 UTC  

Although God did say "have no other gods before me"

2019-04-06 04:09:23 UTC  

Which would mean there are other gods

2019-04-06 04:09:31 UTC  

Just don't have any other before me

2019-04-06 04:09:55 UTC  

@The pizza -- THEY'RE = they are <:smart:484956754489376781> m'kay..
-- not "there" (or, their)

2019-04-06 04:10:07 UTC  

Oh from a Christian standpoint guess that is ok.

2019-04-06 04:11:11 UTC  
2019-04-06 04:11:17 UTC  


2019-04-06 04:11:40 UTC  

you tried coming at me earlier, trying to say 'i' had "poor grammar" ..which i DO NOT ❌

2019-04-06 04:11:41 UTC  


2019-04-06 04:11:45 UTC corrected > you

2019-04-06 04:11:53 UTC  

on your poopr grammar

2019-04-06 04:11:59 UTC  

3 times, in the last 10 minutes

2019-04-06 04:12:03 UTC  

here, and in the Lounge

2019-04-06 04:12:05 UTC  


2019-04-06 04:12:16 UTC  

dont play dummdummhead

2019-04-06 04:12:22 UTC  

Ok you proved it now idc now

2019-04-06 04:12:23 UTC  

I want to cuddle you both spiritually tonight

2019-04-06 04:12:36 UTC  

Let's agree to spend the night together the 3 of us

2019-04-06 04:13:04 UTC  

<:tomato:507986614010511380> <:tomato:507986614010511380> <:tomato:507986614010511380>

2019-04-06 04:13:06 UTC  

that is nice Crusader hope you have a good night.

2019-04-06 04:13:07 UTC  

Me crusader you the pizza and Mike flatbird will spend one single night in deep spiritual conmunion

2019-04-06 04:14:13 UTC  

We will just spend one night in spiritual communion and we will bond and share and overcome our differences and see if we go to bed thinking of each other we can come together in dreams and blend into one and learn and grow with deep joy

2019-04-06 04:14:22 UTC  

Well i got to go nice hanging out with you!

2019-04-06 04:14:30 UTC  

Love you pizza

2019-04-06 04:14:35 UTC  

God bless you and keep you

2019-04-06 04:15:03 UTC  

And set the hedge of protection of Jesus christ about you

2019-04-06 04:15:12 UTC  

And you too Mike flatbird

2019-04-06 04:15:17 UTC  

I love you so much

2019-04-06 04:15:31 UTC  

God bless you and shelter you in the pinion of his wing

2019-04-06 04:15:41 UTC  

He will wash you with hyssop and make you white as snow

2019-04-06 04:16:00 UTC  

Please pray for me that I too may be cleansed and saved by grace of God

2019-04-06 04:24:58 UTC  

Try not to masturbate or view porn

2019-04-06 04:25:17 UTC  

It's an opening for demons

2019-04-06 04:27:51 UTC  

#flat earth crusaders against Satanism in the name of christ Jesus under YAHUA

2019-04-06 04:29:41 UTC  

i said "Yahuah"

2019-04-06 04:35:00 UTC