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However I value the opinion of somebody who spent years learning how this stuff works a lot more than random conspiracy theories

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eh? meme you just linked to us a page that contains opinions of architects and truthers so

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I did surveying and construction on infrastructure and military projects for 14 years 😏

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I think there is space for lay people's perspectives but I can't go off my gut with complex issues. I think it's not fair to

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There are no lay people. Every individual has the capacity to self educate on a subject. It is sheer laziness

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welcome @Ætos

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@Meme_War_Vet I would still trust a chartered engineer over a guy who learnt everything from YouTube 😂

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The older I get the more cynical I am of university education

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Engineers reported to me. 9/10 of them were worthless.

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@Meme_War_Vet yeah everyone has the ability to learn and educate themselves but I wouldn't go to someone who self educated for a heart transplant

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Me either lol.

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But that’s not what I said to do.

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Imagine the chaos if all the airliners in the world were built by self taught plane enthusiasts

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I mean, I’m studying to be a computer engineer. Dunno how useless I will be, but tbh I would not be surprised if I was.

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You can learn enough tho to understand what’s happening during your surgery.

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same, Ætos, same

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No global emotes? Smh

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I think uni has a place and university education too, I think that a lot of it at higher levels is just being around people who can help and do know loads about the topic

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it ultimately depends on you if you take advantage of uni

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Okay I’m gone for a bit for real. Be back later.

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Take care, Vet

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if you genuinely want to learn then uni is helpful, if you're just in it for the tag of a degree, you'll be useless after uni

2018-08-30 14:55:51 UTC  

I can Google Kakapo mating season and how it relates to seed dispersal, but it's better for me to learn that in a conversation to relate it to something less abstract. A lot of high level uni is just drinking and chatting about shit most people think is boring

2018-08-30 14:57:13 UTC  

I’m still trying to figure out why the resistance on one side of a circuit with two equal voltage sources is different on one side than the other.

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It is

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Because of the way it be

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Well, evidently

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