Message from Satan in The Ice Wall #lounge

2018-09-01 06:47:57 UTC  


2018-09-01 06:48:05 UTC  

I don't know any ætos

2018-09-01 06:48:11 UTC  

I don't talk to rude propel

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2018-09-01 06:48:42 UTC  

Mitcholas is sometimes rude and yet we all talk to him

2018-09-01 06:48:52 UTC  

You do

2018-09-01 06:48:59 UTC  

I’m actually starting a quest to get people that hate me and like me to all hate me more

2018-09-01 06:49:12 UTC  

I hate chu

2018-09-01 06:49:14 UTC  

@Ætos fuk u

2018-09-01 06:49:24 UTC  

It’s like day 5 and I already have no one left on the “like me” list

2018-09-01 06:49:27 UTC  

No he'd like that

2018-09-01 06:49:30 UTC  

I’m fucking amazing at this

2018-09-01 06:49:44 UTC  

I find it hard to hate people

2018-09-01 06:49:55 UTC  

No one likes you? No shit you're a mean birb

2018-09-01 06:50:02 UTC  

I can assure you that you can hate me very easily

2018-09-01 06:50:03 UTC  

Eat poopoo

2018-09-01 06:50:53 UTC  

If I actually said certain things that I don’t say because I actually value you as a person, every last human being who has ever met me would absolutely fucking despise or avoid me.

2018-09-01 06:51:16 UTC  

I mean yeah anyone can be an arse

2018-09-01 06:51:20 UTC  

Yeah that's how it normally is

2018-09-01 06:51:21 UTC  

Which is part of why I don’t say much

2018-09-01 06:51:42 UTC  

Because most of what I have to say is pretty awful

2018-09-01 06:52:21 UTC  

If you value people then you let your words pass through the a phase before letting them come out, that's why we don't speak without thinking, I thought it's how normally it is 😂

2018-09-01 06:52:38 UTC  

But Ætos no offence but I think there needs to be a level of trust that has to be broken before I can actually be hurt. If you have a go at me you'll just be an angry dude on the internet to meme on, if we knew each other irl however it'd be different

2018-09-01 06:52:57 UTC  

>>mute @Ætos

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<:vSuccess:390202497827864597> Successfully muted **Ætos**#7253

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This the internet

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Oof gottem

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>>mute @Ætos

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<:vError:390229421228949504> **Ætos**#7253 is already muted!

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Do me next

2018-09-01 06:53:37 UTC  

>>unmute @Ætos

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<:vSuccess:390202497827864597> Successfully unmuted **Ætos**#7253