Message from Citizen Z in The Ice Wall #lounge

2018-09-04 06:25:43 UTC  

thanks for gracing us with your presence today, Dan 👌

2018-09-04 06:27:02 UTC  

make sure not to look "in" on ANY 'server' that you're on, ...only wait until you wanna 'drive around the racetrack' spammin (& dropping in)-yer "livestream links" then bounccing 💨

thanks BUNCHES ✔

2018-09-04 06:29:08 UTC  

_Always a Pleasure_ . .

2018-09-04 06:29:37 UTC  

youre welcome

2018-09-04 06:31:31 UTC  

if im not welcome somewhere i usually have an issue Mikey?

2018-09-04 06:33:17 UTC  

step off the horsemanuer, Dan
Im a very Observant bird

ive been on Dc for 1-year anniversary this month of August

2018-09-04 06:33:34 UTC  

I've shared about 10 - 15 mutal servers with you

2018-09-04 06:33:49 UTC  

i know you and your um "routiune" _like-a-book_ ..

2018-09-04 06:34:26 UTC  

you know i post my links in discord, congrats, you dont know ME 😉

2018-09-04 06:34:50 UTC  

been smokin again tnite my man? 🤔

2018-09-04 06:35:01 UTC  

what part didnt you understand, about that all?

2018-09-04 06:35:16 UTC  

the part where you said you know me

2018-09-04 06:35:22 UTC  

which you dont

2018-09-04 06:35:32 UTC  

i know your dsicord routine like a book, yes

2018-09-04 06:35:38 UTC  

its like CLOCKWORK

2018-09-04 06:35:46 UTC  

i can set my kitchen Clock to it

2018-09-04 06:35:51 UTC  


2018-09-04 06:35:57 UTC  

when's next?

2018-09-04 06:36:06 UTC  

Everyone is welcome here

2018-09-04 06:36:28 UTC  

it's like clockwork so you should know...otherwise you sound jealous and bitter, haha

2018-09-04 06:36:36 UTC  

Server is 3 days old. Working out the kinks still

2018-09-04 06:36:37 UTC  

you stay away from "Dc" until its time to "peep in" and spam you, or excuse me "post" your upcoming ("about to go live) LINK/s

2018-09-04 06:37:06 UTC  

yup, jealous and bitter, haha

2018-09-04 06:37:08 UTC  

Thats fine. He can post his live feed videos

2018-09-04 06:37:12 UTC  


2018-09-04 06:37:35 UTC  

when you're about ready to "go live zip around dcord and spam it
-- We dont see you Befpore OR after
only > during
thats it

2018-09-04 06:37:51 UTC  


2018-09-04 06:37:52 UTC  

Gotta goto sleep. Dont freak out while im sleepin =)

2018-09-04 06:37:52 UTC  


2018-09-04 06:38:11 UTC  

point is? you came here..say im (you're) "out".. so ..i called u on yer shit, and says ..i/we didnt know you were "In"

2018-09-04 06:38:38 UTC  

Lets drop it. Its just one video here and there

2018-09-04 06:38:45 UTC  

come on man, who you think you're foolin? silly wabbit

2018-09-04 06:39:13 UTC  

i was getting censored, i spoke my mind b4 i was going to leave, not trying to fool anyone you fuckin pillock

2018-09-04 06:39:22 UTC  

Anyone can come here they dont have to talk

2018-09-04 06:39:32 UTC  

You can "fool" others, ..that havent been on (and Shared) > 20 mutal servers with u, ...umkay..
-- but 'i' Have...

2018-09-04 06:39:35 UTC  
2018-09-04 06:40:03 UTC  

how am i trying to fool people you fucking paranoid hack?

2018-09-04 06:40:05 UTC  


2018-09-04 06:40:06 UTC  

do tell

2018-09-04 06:40:16 UTC  

Its one video or link and we have a wall of unnecessary text now