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depend on the truth you are given.

2019-01-28 06:25:54 UTC  

Hitler had the beat plan to invade the ussr, taking thr oil fields and ukraine. But his generals wanted to take moscow

Then he picked stupid generals.

If he could do better than them

2019-01-28 06:26:48 UTC  

Well they were pretty good tactically

Not good enough evidently

I hope we've learned from our past.

A nationalist party is gaining traction in Germany

2019-01-28 06:27:28 UTC  

Most german generals were like that though. So again not hitlers fault

I guess we'll see.

2019-01-28 06:28:32 UTC  

And what would they do? They wont go attacking everyone

The European Union is the best way to take Europe at the moment.

2019-01-28 06:29:19 UTC  

*rolls eyes*

2019-01-28 06:29:39 UTC  

O no having similar policies to make trade easier

2019-01-28 06:29:55 UTC  

The horror

You and I show vast differences.

2019-01-28 06:30:25 UTC  


@Citizen Z What is the Lead role? I do not remember picking it

2019-01-28 06:31:28 UTC  

I guess he is saying you cause mental illness

2019-01-28 06:31:39 UTC  


That's not very polite.

2019-01-28 06:31:51 UTC  

And under certain circumstances are very sweet

That's nice of you to say

2019-01-28 06:32:08 UTC  

Lead acetate i thibk it is

2019-01-28 06:32:09 UTC  


2019-01-28 06:32:40 UTC  

Note:lead acetate isnt good on ham and cheese sandwich

2019-01-28 06:32:43 UTC  

truther or mainstream or questioning. and student role gives access

2019-01-28 06:32:49 UTC  

how does one get a role

2019-01-28 06:33:00 UTC  


2019-01-28 06:33:01 UTC  

Get a pair of dice

2019-01-28 06:33:09 UTC  

@Octane Weasel pick at top, but i can role you octane you are verfied

2019-01-28 06:33:29 UTC  

pick your interest roles

2019-01-28 06:33:34 UTC  

in <#484538051415113748>

2019-01-28 06:33:44 UTC  

*stamps oxtane with giant stamp on the forehead*

2019-01-28 06:33:50 UTC  

@Citizen Z can i get the mainstream role

2019-01-28 06:33:59 UTC  


2019-01-28 06:34:07 UTC  

first pick your conspiracy roles