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So you would rather follow fake news than be a Nazi

2017-10-01 04:00:19 UTC  

When there is neither

2017-10-01 04:08:15 UTC  

hm. not all fake news are fake

2017-10-01 04:08:45 UTC  

and i wouldn`t trust this president

2017-10-01 04:21:24 UTC  

I know what you mean

2017-10-01 04:21:50 UTC  

Don't blindly follow things like the government

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You should be cautious about your own government

2017-10-01 04:23:16 UTC  

Don't trust them 100% percent

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kidding me? i dont trust myself

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get educated

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that's gay

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now you know something you never knew

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During the last debate someone mentioned that MLK Jr wasn't all who the schools make him out to be. Does anyone have the story behind that?

2017-10-02 10:28:46 UTC  

His close relations to communists.

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@Some Weeb @hydrachron I had some hispanic chick who said gender equality wasnt achieved in america but some women choose to wear a hjab and they find it empowering and shieeeeeeeeeet. It's amazing that literal strawman exist in the current year

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God bless state universities

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just happened 2 day. my peer not the professor i should clarify

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My whole school is Feelings>Facts

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Should be the other way around

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πŸ˜‚ <:Thonk:362811285869559808>

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@Some Weeb @hydrachron Read "How to Debate Lefists and Destroy them" by Ben Sharpio

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Its very short but well made and its a dollar on Amazon

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sounds like a good read, thanks

2017-10-03 23:04:18 UTC  

found a pdf

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and thats a quick overview

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This needs to be pinned so we can refer to it when leftists get mad

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`The Effects of the New Deal`

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```Our main finding is that New Deal cartelization policies are a key factor behind the weak recovery, accounting for about 60 percent of the difference between actual output and trend output. The key depressing feature of New Deal policies is not government-sponsored collusion per se, but rather it is the policy linkage between paying high wages and being able to collude. Our model shows that high wages reduced employment directly in the cartelized sectors of the economy, and also reduced employment in the non-cartelized sectors through general equilibrium effects. We conclude that the recovery from the Depression would have been much stronger if these policies not been adopted.```

2017-10-06 18:05:07 UTC