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wow, do you have a brain injury?

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Hitler used Christianity as a weapon to gain public support then used positive Christianity with Alfred Rosenberg (Pagan and anti Christian) to phase out Christianity. @ϟϟ✠Dan✠The✠Oracle✠ϟϟ

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anti theist means im anti religion, its poison

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i am not atheist. i am anti theist

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Okay. I don't care. Please look up what I sent you. We can't clutter up this channel we're talking in the wrong channel. They systematically persecuted and shut down the Christian churches.

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hitler never used christianity at all....

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he didnt need to

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Germany had been Christian for 1,000+ years.

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whats your point? religion is just a fairytale, it has no relevance to anything

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but he did beleive in christianity

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he just wasnt "practising" iirc caus he was against organised religion and its stupidity

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(my words, not his)

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but ive never seen anything credible that would have shown he had any plans

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But Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin proves otherwise it's free online go read it.
They systematically shut down and persecuted the Christian churches, it has its very own wiki page and name:

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@deactivated. why in the fuck would he be trying to shut down christianity... yet be well known for his support of other religions? does that make even the slightest sense to you?

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Hitler was never Christian. Hitler's Table Talks and Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin prove Hitler was not Christian, Hitler's Table Talks may be phony but it has never been proven so. "Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin" (free book online) is authentic and not phony though.
Also academic documents are undeniable proof that Hitler and NS Leaders had long-term plans to get rid of Christianity completely in Germany:
Further proof is that Hitler's major party members such as Rosenberg, Himmler and Goebbels were setting up programs to get rid of Christianity. Hitler used Christianity as a weapon to gain public support (which is why you see pro-Christian quotes by Hitler) then used Positive Christianity with Alfred Rosenberg (an open Pagan and anti-Christian) to phase out Christianity.
Germany had been Christian for over a thousand years. Hitler was nice to Christianity in public but blasphemed it in private. Hitler and the NS leaders systematically shut down Christian churches. "Goebbels Diaries" (29 volumes) & Memoirs written by Albert Speer also prove how much Hitler detested Christianity and is further authentic documented proof:
*"Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure."* - Adolf Hitler [Hitlers Table Talks]
Anyone with basic historic knowledge knows this.
*"We follow not Christ, but Horst Wessel,
Away with incense and Holy Water,
The Church can go hang for all we care,
The Swastika brings salvation on Earth."*
-Hitler Youth Marching song
@ all the confused people and Christians who think they are NS. Nazism is anti-christian.

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wtf does bolshevism have to do with hitler? he was fucking agsinst it..... he fought a whole separate war against it on the fucking eastern front......

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take your moronic conspiracy theory bullshit elsewhere

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You're personally offended and the one spewing insults and names. All I sent were academic sources you can research for yourself.

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you are spreading bullshit, of course im offended

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I haven't read this but saw this is about persecution of the church @ϟϟ✠Dan✠The✠Oracle✠ϟϟ

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@deactivated. reading up about your stupid bolshevic book, its not even real.....

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its not even hitlers words

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It's a free PDF online it's a convo between Hitler and Dietrich Eckart

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it was an essay from eckart

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its just more bullshit propaganda

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that cover

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looks like hillary's book

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Believe whatever you want. Just remember this:
**The programme of the NSDAP explicitly states that Christians have nothing to fear from the party, but that the party itself is not Christian. The majority of NS high command was not Christian.**

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even wikifuckingpedia, the most ZOGed infested, leftist shithole claims its not real

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@deactivated. BTFO.....

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this is the whole problem with religion, it makes your brain soft.... if you take any of that bullshit as real you will simply beleive anything without question..... leading to making moronic statements like hitler wasnt christian...