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2017-09-28 07:57:56 UTC

2017-09-28 07:57:56 UTC  

"free market" and then they start paying off gov...o wait they already do that

2017-09-28 07:57:57 UTC  

@Blood how does that 'un-checked' power affect you personally though?

2017-09-28 07:57:59 UTC  

>> less money is requried to acquire existing produce >> produce falls in value >> production amounts fall due to not being profitable anymore

2017-09-28 07:57:59 UTC  

Antifa, for example, is an anarchocommunist group

2017-09-28 07:58:02 UTC  

heyho, crisis

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Hey guys

2017-09-28 07:58:06 UTC  

modern socialism operates very differently from marxism and marxist practices, such as welfare, food stamp style systems, etc

2017-09-28 07:58:06 UTC  

what happened 2 cc

2017-09-28 07:58:07 UTC  

How does it oppress you?

2017-09-28 07:58:10 UTC  

"free market" and then they start paying off gov...o wait they already do that@Clonemaster™ 6.41

2017-09-28 07:58:13 UTC  

Was CC deleted?

2017-09-28 07:58:21 UTC  

hence we see corruption

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2017-09-28 07:58:28 UTC  

It was

2017-09-28 07:58:31 UTC  

I was there

2017-09-28 07:58:33 UTC  

cc was fucked up the butthole by a furry and it was shoah'd

2017-09-28 07:58:35 UTC  

Was interesting

2017-09-28 07:58:35 UTC  

CC was nuked.

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@Blood because it's crony-capitalism

2017-09-28 07:58:41 UTC  

why doe

2017-09-28 07:58:52 UTC  

Rip. I hope everyone cool is still here then

2017-09-28 07:58:58 UTC  

There isn't a crisis, though, when the corporations also have increased purchasing power with the same amount of money due to the increased value of the dollar

2017-09-28 07:59:07 UTC  

the political and economic system we have today is not the same, republic-capitalist society as it was

2017-09-28 07:59:11 UTC  

i think they made a bot that message everyone kicked

2017-09-28 07:59:11 UTC  

That's the 2nd centipede discord I've seen kill itself

2017-09-28 07:59:13 UTC  

for re entry

2017-09-28 07:59:19 UTC  

why does the FDA allow toxic chemicals in our foor?@Clonemaster™ 6.41 coz money = power, and so corporations use that power to infuence gov

2017-09-28 07:59:27 UTC  

but its the first one for cc

2017-09-28 07:59:57 UTC  

@Blood if you have an issue with anything in our food, I recommend writing your local congressman about it and attempting to make change instead of complaining about our political and economic system.

2017-09-28 07:59:57 UTC  

the FDA is a government system. What makes you think socialism wouldnt be any more fucked up as time passes than the corrupt systems we see today?

2017-09-28 08:00:03 UTC  

I'm sorry, but coporations being greedy doesn't oppress anybody in any way. The point of a business is to *profit*

2017-09-28 08:00:07 UTC  

+ people stop looking for a better job and the labor market gets stalled

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@Fusion lol you think my local congressman can stand up to billionaire corporations?

2017-09-28 08:00:32 UTC  

I like my gmo taters.

2017-09-28 08:00:35 UTC  

Of course I do

2017-09-28 08:00:37 UTC  

sorry, im a bit retarded with the words

2017-09-28 08:00:43 UTC  

With enough public pressure, anything is possible.

2017-09-28 08:00:58 UTC  

with pressure, you can make any solution come to be if you press hard enough