Message from Fusion in The Right Server #chat

2017-09-28 09:21:04 UTC  

MAN it was a place where we didn;'t have little bitches who got offended easily.

2017-09-28 09:21:07 UTC  

Why was the CC channel deleted, if the mods were stonewalled that means someone higher than them (the server owner) stonewalled them, so how could CC have been deleted

2017-09-28 09:21:11 UTC  

holy shit fofchick is in chat

2017-09-28 09:21:19 UTC  

This story's not adding up for me

2017-09-28 09:21:23 UTC  

I thought she was hounded from the internet for being a thot

2017-09-28 09:21:33 UTC  

really makes you think 🤔

2017-09-28 09:21:47 UTC  

Composers, Pefimous, and other members of the mod team turned on Brit when he considered adding a furry channel to the server.

2017-09-28 09:22:12 UTC  

Sounds like regular CC tbh

2017-09-28 09:22:20 UTC  

If that's true then good, fuck it

2017-09-28 09:22:28 UTC  

It deserved to burn

2017-09-28 09:22:43 UTC  

@Fusion Man if the server collapsed over that shit then that is pretty pathetic imo. Looks weak.

2017-09-28 09:22:46 UTC  

They believe, whether correctly or incorrectly, that if they had asked Brit to step down due to his inefficient ownership, he would not do so.

2017-09-28 09:23:06 UTC  

I don't really care tbh

2017-09-28 09:23:13 UTC  

So they shoahed the server and used the bot to send everyone here before kicking everyone

2017-09-28 09:23:24 UTC  

I use to be a mod on the old alt right server

2017-09-28 09:23:30 UTC  

And I saw that get gassed

2017-09-28 09:23:42 UTC  

At least that server had good bantz

2017-09-28 09:23:44 UTC  

Because Brit would have to delete the server, it still exists, but it has no messages and no users except him

2017-09-28 09:23:57 UTC  

CAN'T LET THIS LITTLE DOZY LEAK OUT. We'd become a laughing stock if we get downed by something as simple as a freaking furry channel.

2017-09-28 09:23:57 UTC  

CC bantz were terrible and I have a mutual disdain for everything American

2017-09-28 09:24:22 UTC  

It's alright, we don't really care about your country either. 😃

2017-09-28 09:24:35 UTC  

Excellent, then fuck off

2017-09-28 09:24:41 UTC  

Yeah America's the only country that matters

2017-09-28 09:24:43 UTC  

Get out of my country and don't come back

2017-09-28 09:24:51 UTC  

This is why CC is shit

2017-09-28 09:24:54 UTC  

You said you don't care first.

2017-09-28 09:24:56 UTC  

American chauvinism

2017-09-28 09:25:03 UTC  

Why not leave yourself?

2017-09-28 09:25:14 UTC  

Well CC was meant to be for America, it was pro-Trump server, wtf did you expect man.

2017-09-28 09:25:17 UTC  

I mean fuck off out of my country

2017-09-28 09:25:22 UTC  

Tuck Frump

2017-09-28 09:25:24 UTC  

I mean, we as Americans did get out of your country and not come back.

2017-09-28 09:25:31 UTC  

Woah btfo

2017-09-28 09:25:43 UTC  

*muh 1776*

2017-09-28 09:25:48 UTC  

Didn't even come back as part of the commonwealth

2017-09-28 09:25:53 UTC  

Sure, we'll stay out of your small, tiny island 😂

2017-09-28 09:26:01 UTC  

Tiny island that conquered the planet

2017-09-28 09:26:21 UTC  

America had to buy the world from the decaying empires

2017-09-28 09:26:30 UTC  

You are the enemy of the European man

2017-09-28 09:26:38 UTC  

Then lost almost all its holdings, don't forget that happened to the British empire.

2017-09-28 09:26:44 UTC  

Also, incorrect.