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china, where kung fu could save your wife

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He needs to be <:Gas:356316689652121620>

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No one wants to hear his shitty song.

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I'm pretty sure gays are gonna gay no matter how our gay laws treat gays. Let's just remove marriage from the tax code and legal system completely.

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not all gays follow the leftist LGBT lobbyist agenda btw

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sammy, like in a well regulated militia or something?

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what the fucc happened to CC

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a gun club? where your neighbors will give you hell if you don't follow gun safety?

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@Chris Edward Hansen until recently, we had gun ranges at schools, in fact it's kinda a right of passage to get your first gun at 13

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guns aren't any more deadly than cars or bottle openers

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and they aren't any harder to steal if you're up to something nefarious

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you mean if your dad buys you one

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@ionface people don't get shot in china because there's cops all over the place

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i've been in shanghai twice, totalling 8 weeks, and i've nearly been arrested once for taking a photo of this one government building

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i've also seen two soldiers with machine guns walking down the street escorting a cop with a briefcase

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they're good shit

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probably reverse engineered US memes

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Long time no seen

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It's not like you get a USAS12 for your first @Chris Edward Hansen

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So what happened to CC?

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Ah i see

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Well it was bound to happen

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How long was brit owner

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Not sure of name, but I'm referring to a full auto shotgun

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@Chris Edward Hansen I was talking about the tradition of giving a young man a gun for his birthday, that culture has died down quite a bit in recent decades, hunting/farming communities still have that, you start with a hunting rifle or shotgun, a 22 for shooting cans and squirrels, you aren't given a cheap 9 to show off at school or an automatic rifle

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I'm saying that's not the case

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I was explaining that we don't arm our children with anti-tank weaponry

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Good morning

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man, bringing up emus... that was a failure of logistics, just not enough freaking ammo

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Are the roles all working now

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but really, they should have brought in the japanese with their superiour nipponese steelru

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hey, is there a particular reason why cc was deleted?

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CC was deleted because we won

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@puppenfee <#356271441265688578>