Message from Fusion in The Right Server #chat

2017-10-10 17:21:13 UTC  


2017-10-10 17:21:14 UTC  

ive seen the effects of pain killers first had

2017-10-10 17:21:18 UTC  

weed makes me idea why

2017-10-10 17:21:19 UTC  

Amy go to work 😑

2017-10-10 17:21:31 UTC  

@Deleted User d0e93084 most likely something to do with increased blood flow

2017-10-10 17:21:39 UTC  

@nightstalker Another trap

2017-10-10 17:21:42 UTC  

I've been at work since 9am

2017-10-10 17:21:48 UTC  

I'm at lunch

2017-10-10 17:21:55 UTC  

Catalans are about to declare independence

2017-10-10 17:22:00 UTC  

@Fusion dude, what happened to gold

2017-10-10 17:22:06 UTC  

I'm sick

2017-10-10 17:22:14 UTC  

@amygdala get back to work ya lazi bum

2017-10-10 17:22:18 UTC  


2017-10-10 17:22:25 UTC  

work has been nice today though very quiet

2017-10-10 17:22:34 UTC  

quiet days are good sometimes

2017-10-10 17:22:37 UTC  

I don't know, @Deleted User d0e93084. I've asked all the mods, they told me to ask king, and I asked him and have yet to receive a response :/

2017-10-10 17:22:39 UTC  

too often and they get boring tho

2017-10-10 17:22:39 UTC  

I think it will be funny when the nonexistent Catalonian nation is crushed by Spain

2017-10-10 17:22:49 UTC  

@Fusion sorry to hear that

2017-10-10 17:23:00 UTC  

They took textipede too, but I at least have that

2017-10-10 17:23:03 UTC  

or if it gains independence and immediately has a shitty economy and fails

2017-10-10 17:23:39 UTC  

but yeah on the pain killers thing, i have seen first hand the negative effects of the addiction they cause and its not pretty

2017-10-10 17:23:59 UTC  


2017-10-10 17:24:04 UTC  

@Fusion I think your best course of action would be to just simply forget the past and try to be a high quality and active user

2017-10-10 17:24:06 UTC  


2017-10-10 17:24:25 UTC  

shit dude

2017-10-10 17:24:29 UTC  

thats horrible

2017-10-10 17:24:31 UTC  


2017-10-10 17:24:36 UTC  

thats why im never taking them

2017-10-10 17:24:38 UTC  

@Scary_Clown Hard to do when the owner of the server apparently has an issue with me

2017-10-10 17:24:45 UTC  

Shit, dude... I'm sorry, @StevePines -WA

2017-10-10 17:24:47 UTC  

@StevePines -WA I think they do a lot of good as well though

2017-10-10 17:24:52 UTC  

what you do AR

2017-10-10 17:24:54 UTC  

i dont care tbh

2017-10-10 17:25:01 UTC  

sorry about what happened to your dad

2017-10-10 17:25:14 UTC  

i just personally wont take them

2017-10-10 17:25:23 UTC  

yeah ofc

2017-10-10 17:25:31 UTC  

but it really does help some people too

2017-10-10 17:25:35 UTC  


2017-10-10 17:25:40 UTC  

but you have to be very careful